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Which type of car do you own?
Votes: 3316 Closed on: 07-Apr-2021

Overview of Personal Car Categories

The pinnacle of modern man's invention, cars, have transformed the way we commute. Everyone buys a car according to their requirement, and in a world with such a nuanced product differentiation, it won't be wrong to say there is a car for everyone. Cars have made travelling easier, saving time and increasing productivity. More so, it is not just a status symbol anymore; it is now a necessity. And so, we conducted a poll with 3,316 respondents to see which type of car they own. The most popular among the list are SUVs with 28.08% of respondents voting for them. 19.87% own a Sedan, 18.34% drive a Hatchback, 5.13% prefer Micro cars, and 3.26% are comfortable with their Minivans. The category is further divided as 25.33% of the respondents have invested in other types of cars.