Polls Summary

Which of the following platforms do you use the most for movies or series?
Hot star(5.87%)
Amazon Prime(19.23%)
Jio tv(1.84%)
Votes: 3152 Closed on: 05-Apr-2021

The Most Favored OTT Platform

OTT platforms have changed the game of streaming movies and series. Gone are the days of going to the cinema for the first day first shows. People would now rather snuggle up in their beds not to mention in comfy PJs and watch movies and series at their leisure. What's interesting is the choices available in terms of content as well as the OTT platforms. Each streaming portal has exclusive content that has now come to define it. So, we conducted a poll with 3,152 respondents to see which platform is used the most for movies and series. Netflix emerges victorious of the lot with 37.13% votes, followed by YouTube with 30.18% votes. Other popular platforms are Amazon Prime (18.97%), Hot Star (5.79%), and the relatively new Jio TV (1.82%). 4.82% of the respondents also use other streaming portals to view content. With such a diverse range of answers, one thing is clear  people are spoilt for choice when picking an OTT platform.