Polls Summary

Do you think boycotting China made products is a good choice?
Yes. We should promote our own products.(57.74%)
No. We have a lot depending on products from China.(17.45%)
Not everything but there should be cutbacks.(19.37%)
I don't know.(5.44%)
Votes: 1874 Closed on: 18-Aug-2020

The Great Wall of Boycotting

With the current government issuing a clarion call for - 'Make in India' - the recent decision of boycotting Chinese products didn?t come as a big surprise. This corrective action was in line with their economic agenda of promoting manufacturing in India and increasing the exports from our country. So, we thought a poll was in order to gather what the nation had to say about this. Out of the 1,874 respondents we asked, 57.74% of them think this to be the right decision as they feel India should promote their own home-grown products. 17.45% of the respondents do not see any merit in this decision as India has a lot depending on the products that come from China. 19.37% of the people have a more pragmatic outlook on this subject and think that everything shouldn't be boycotted, but there should be significant cutbacks wherever possible. 5.44% of the respondents don't know whether this is a wise decision or not; it seems it'll take some more time for them to come to a conclusion.