Polls Summary

Since the Covid 19 social interaction has become very limited. How often do you video call your friends and family?
Once a day everyday.(23.87%)
More than once a day everyday.(18.08%)
3-4 times a week.(24.8%)
More than 5 times a week.(5.64%)
Once a week.(12.7%)
I hardly do video calls.(10.14%)
I don't do video calls at all(4.76%)
Votes: 1952 Closed on: 27-Jul-2020

From Being Social Butterflies to Maintaining Social Distancing

Human beings are social animals. Mingling with friends and family and having a good laugh with them gives us pure joy. And the truth behind this can be verified by numerous scientific theories. One such being the famous Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. As people, we need to feel connected, but like you very well know  the pandemic is forcing us to do something quite the opposite. We have no other choice but to cut down our social life and follow the rules of social distancing. Video calling, however, is helping people stay connected in these trying times. And to see how often people resort to it, we conducted a poll with 1,952 respondents. We asked them how frequently they did a video call with their friends and family, to which 23.87% revealed that they only do one video call a day while 18.08% of the people like seeing their loved ones so much that they call them many times in a single day. 24.80% of the respondents have a quota of three to four calls in a week, while 5.64% of the people get their fill by doing a video call more than five times a week. 12.70% are not so active and do a video call only once a week, whereas 10.14% of the respondents hardly indulge in video calling with a smaller group of respondents (4.76%) claiming that they never really do any!