Polls Summary

Should self defence training be made compulsory in schools around the world?
Yes, kids should be tought self defence from an early age(79.22%)
No, it's not necessary. Kids are always safe(5.45%)
I don't know(4.55%)
Self defence should be tought to only teenagers(8.44%)
Only for girls. Boys can take care of themselves(2.34%)
Votes: 2440 Closed on: 25-Jan-2021

The Importance of Self-Defence Training in Schools

John Dryden wisely said, 'Self-defence is Nature's eldest law. Everyone should know how to defend oneself and simultaneously be aware of their surroundings. Apart from the obvious physical benefits, self-defence is also great to boost one?s confidence and inculcate a habit of discipline. Not to mention, if the training is initiated at a younger age, it has a positive impact on a child's life. To understand people?s view on the same, we conducted a poll with 2,440 respondents asking them whether they think self-defence training should be made compulsory in schools around the world. 79.22% of the respondents strongly believe children should be taught self-defence from an early age, while 5.45% feel it isn't necessary as kids are always safe. 8.44% say self-defence should be taught only to teenagers, and 2.34% think it should be only for girls as boys can take care of themselves. Lastly, 4.55% of the respondents are not sure about this issue and thus don't have much of an opinion.