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Which of the following workout regime do you prefer?
Lift weights(17.04%)
Votes: 2964 Closed on: 26-Apr-2021

What Fits Your Fitness Regime?

Everyone has a workout routine set out for themselves. They get into the fitness gear, tighten those laces, stretch a bit, and crank up their favourite playlist to full volume. It gives them their daily boost while keeping them physically and mentally fit. Those who are hooked to working out agree that a little sweat goes a long way for a healthy body. In today's world, where there are multiple workout options available to suit various body types, we conducted a poll with 2,964 respondents to see which regime was preferred by them. 29.72% favour the good-old Jogging while 25.47% swear by the ancient wisdom of Yoga. 17.04% would rather sweat it out with Weight Training and 13.43% prefer the classic Cardio routine. Some people like to keep things fun with Cross Fit (6.41%), some with free-flowing Dancing (0.57%), and some follow Other regimes (7.35%).