Polls Summary

Are you ready to back to office daily?
I can’t wait to go back to my office(18.66%)
I like working from home(36.4%)
I’m already going to office daily(26.56%)
I don’t work(18.38%)
Votes: 2481 Closed on: 23-Feb-2021

Work from Home v/s Work from Office

Once upon a time, work from Home, was a dream. It was something people wanted to incorporate in their lives as it gave them free agency to do the work at their leisure. But the work from home culture that was initiated due to the lockdown soon turned into a nightmare for some. While a few welcomed this new change, some are desperate to return to their old routine and office life. A debate between these two cultures is brewing, and we thought it was the right time to conduct a poll on whether people are ready to go back to their offices daily. Out of the 2,481 respondents, 36.40% of them clearly state they like working from home and thus wouldn't want to go back to the office. The case is not the same for 18.66% of the respondents who are eager to return to their offices and the 26.56% who are already going to their office daily. A set of respondents (18.38%) don't have to fret about this subject much as they are not working.