Polls Summary

How many iphones have you bought till date?
I only have one (31.02%)
I only have two(13.33%)
I have never missed any model so far(3.44%)
I have more than two (6.76%)
I don’t have an iphone(45.48%)
Votes: 2469 Closed on: 12-Mar-2021

The iPhone Tally


With 1,000,000,000 iPhones in the market (yes, you read that right ? 1 billion!), the craze for an iPhone has still not fizzled out. Maybe it is the interface, the advanced technology, or the social status that comes with it, the sales that have been skyrocketing since its launch in 2007. We, too, conducted a quick poll of our own with 2,469 respondents asking them how many iPhones they have bought to date. The data revealed that while 45.47% of the respondents don?t have an iPhone, the others are satisfied iPhone users. 31.01% of the respondents only have one iPhone, and 13.32% have bought only two. 6.76% of the users have more than two iPhones, and 3.44% of the people are die-hard iPhone fans who have not missed buying any model so far. It seems once one gets hooked on to the iPhone, there is no going back!