Polls Summary

Do you have any travelling plans for the New Year celebration?
No. I am not travelling till corona is over(48.91%)
Yes. I’m travelling internationally alone(4.86%)
Yes. I’m travelling internationally with my family(8.45%)
Yes. I’m travelling internationally with my friends(4.18%)
Yes. I’m travelling withing the country with friends(7.31%)
Yes. I’m travelling with family within the country(9.76%)
Yes. I’m travelling alone within the country(3.59%)
I don’t have any plans yet(13.03%)
Votes: 2202 Closed on: 04-Jan-2021

The Trend of New Year Travel Plans


On hearing the word '2020', the first thing that comes to mind is the panic ensued by the pandemic. The year ushered in thousands of adversities on a completely unimaginable scale. All major festivities went by as people were trying to observe the necessary precautions. A gigantic question mark loomed over all the travel plans throughout the year. And when it came to the New Year, we couldn't help but wonder what happened with those plans. Were people fed up by the situation and had decided to carry on with their plans or the scare of the virus still persisted in the minds of the people? We conducted a poll with 2,204 respondents which revealed 48.87% of them aren't travelling till the coronavirus is over. As far as international travel goes, 4.85% of the respondents are travelling alone while 8.44% of them are travelling with their families and 4.17% are travelling with their friends. Coming to travel plans within the country, 3.58% are travelling alone; 7.30% have a trip planned with their friends, and; 9.75% have plans with their families. 13.02% of the respondents, however, don't have a plan yet. Travel plans or not, we feel one thing is certain  no one will forget how they spent this New Year.