Polls Summary

Are you a tea or a coffee person?
Oh, I am a tea person only. (20.62%)
Coffee is my drug. (16.51%)
I like both, tea more. (40.72%)
I don’t mind tea, but it’s coffee for me(14.46%)
I don’t drink tea or coffee. (7.69%)
Votes: 1756 Closed on: 16-Sep-2020

Spill the Beans: Tea or Coffee?

Who doesn't need a daily dose of piping hot goodness to kick start the day? For some, that cup of goodness is tea and, for some, coffee. The world is divided into tea- and coffee-drinkers and their love for it runs so deep that it will be safe to call it borderline addiction. To see which side weighs more  crisp tea leaves or freshly grounded coffee beans we conducted a quick survey with 1,756 people. The majority of the respondents (40.72%) say that they like both tea and coffee, but if they have to pick, they'd prefer tea more. 20.62% of the respondents are only tea-drinkers, while 16.51% of the respondents can?t live without their caffeine fix. 14.46% of the respondents don't mind tea, but at the end of the day, they would love to unwind with freshly brewed coffee only. There is also a small group of respondents comprising of 7.69% people who do not have to deal with this dilemma as they are neither fans of tea nor coffee.