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Are you satisfied with your workplace culture?
Strongly agree(20.17%)
Strongly disagree(4.09%)
Cannot say(6.37%)
Votes: 2906
United States: 176 Closed on: 27-Apr-2021

Workplace or A Second Home?

After some time, a workplace isn't just a place where you go to work daily; it becomes your home. Your teammates turn into your family as you share some laughs over lunch and a few concerns over coffee. A safe and comfortable environment is an essential aspect of life that directly impacts ones mental health and wellbeing. Conducting a poll on the same, we asked 2,906 respondents whether they are satisfied with their workplace culture. 44.43% agree with the statement and 20.17% strongly agree with it. On the other hand, there are some not-so-happy respondents as 7.74% disagree and 4.09% strongly disagree with the statement. A significant set of respondents (17.21%) stand neutral to this claim, while 6.37% cannot say whether they are satisfied at their workplace or not.