Polls Summary

How often do you use single use plastic?
I do not at all. I prefer my own eco-friendly replacements(22.86%)
I use it all the time in restaurants, markets, shopping etc(34.44%)
I don’t know what’s a single use plastic (6.24%)
I use it sometimes when there’s no other option(36.5%)
Votes: 2082 Closed on: 17-Dec-2020

The Overuse of Single-Use Plastic

Consciously or unconsciously, we make hundreds of choices in a day that involves the use of single-use plastic. Be it grabbing a plastic straw for a tall cup of latte or buying a bottle of water or using plastic bags to carry fruits and vegetables. We are surrounded by plastic items, and what's worse is the way it has become a part of our lives. It feels natural for us to pick a plastic lid for a take-away coffee or get food delivered in Styrofoam or plastic containers. With such excessive amounts of plastic being used and no respite in sight, we thought we'll conduct a poll to check what people think about this issue. Out of the 2,083 respondents, 34.42% of them claim to be frequent users as they use it all the time in restaurants, markets, and shopping centres. 36.49% are judicious users as they use it only when there are no alternatives available. Sadly, 6.24% of the users are not even familiar with what constitutes single-use plastic and consequently are unaware of the damage they cause. What's uplifting is the set of 22.85% of respondents who swear by using only their eco-friendly replacements in place of disposable plastic items.