Polls Summary

Are you ready to take the vaccine?
No. I don’t trust any vaccine(15.76%)
No. I will not take corona virus vaccine(13.14%)
Yes. I can’t wait(43.02%)
Yes. I have scheduled an appointment already (11.86%)
I don’t know(16.22%)
Votes: 2436 Closed on: 22-Feb-2021

Are You Ready for The Vaccine?

The hot topic for this year is the rolling out of covid-19 vaccines. It comes at a time when people required it the most. The pandemic has stifled the life of all and sitting at home is not just frustrating but hampering our professional and personal lives. The questions about the efficacy and safety of the vaccine, however, loom large in people's minds. Some people are still unsure whether to get vaccinated or not. And to comprehend the situation better, we conducted a poll on the same. We asked 2,436 respondents whether they are ready to take the vaccine to which a majority chimed a yes. 43.02% of the respondents can't wait to get vaccinated and 11.86% are so eager that they have already scheduled an appointment. The rest are quite sceptical about the medicine; 15.76% of the respondents say they don't trust any vaccines and 13.14% clearly state they will not take any covid-19 vaccine. It is interesting to note that a significant group of respondents (16.22%) still haven't made up their minds and perhaps require some more time to decide.