Polls Summary

Should schools have uniform dress code or casual?
Uniform. It's more disciplined(60.87%)
Casual is good. It lets kids be(13.7%)
It should be a mix of both during the week(13.08%)
I absolutely don't care(2.58%)
Uniform should be compulsary till junior high. Senior high should have casual clothing(9.77%)
Votes: 2599 Closed on: 13-Jan-2021

School Dress Code: Formals or Casuals?

A much-debated topic, school uniforms for children as an issue has never been settled. Some people prefer casual clothing instead of school uniforms, while some think uniforms are necessary to maintain equality amongst children from diverse backgrounds. Consequently, we conducted a poll to understand the people's sentiment about the same. Out of the 2,599 respondents we asked, 60.87% of them are staunch supporters of uniform as it brings more discipline to a student's life. 13.70% of them think casual dressing should be adopted in schools as we should let kids be. 13.08% take a stand between these two opposing stances as they feel the dress code should be a mix of both during the week. 9.77% of them feel uniforms should be made compulsory till junior high and then senior high should have casual clothing. A small set of respondents (2.58%), however, don't care about the subject at all.