Polls Summary

Which one of these project management apps is widely used in your organisation or you?
Troop Messenger(6.77%)
Task World(16.11%)
Hubstaff Tasks(6.16%)
Genius project(7.38%)
Votes: 1639 Closed on: 01-Dec-2020

Efficient Management Via Management Apps

Jack Welch very rightly said, Management is all about managing in the short term while developing the plans for the long term.And good management is just that. In turn, what it demands is a tremendous amount of time and effort to manage all verticals in an organisation. So, various management apps are available in the market to ease the load for managers. We, therefore, asked 1,638 respondents which Project Management Apps are used by their organisation or themselves. The top preferred apps are Task World (16.06%), FileStage (11.29%), and ProofHub (11.23%). 7.39% of them swear by Genius Project, 6.84% are comfortable with Monday.Com, 6.78% prefer Troop Messenger, and 6.17% favour Hubstaff Tasks. These apps are then followed by Chanty (4.64%), ProProfs (4.58%), and Asana (3.24%). The market is further bifurcated as 21.79% of the respondents use apps that are not mentioned on our list.