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We value your time, opinion and genuine effort to explore new market opportunities for the betterment of product and services of today. Thus, being a proud member of Opinion Bureau community, you are entitled to earn honoraria and claim for your reward with multiple available options.

How do I earn at Opinion Bureau ?
  • You earn guaranteed reward for joining Opinion Bureau as joining bonus
  • You earn for updating each of the profile category after login.
  • You earn by referring your friends, colleagues, family members to the community.
  • You earn for expressing your views in Polls.
  • You earn guaranteed rewards for successfully qualifying online surveys.
Your Dashboard has all the details.

You can view your earned money and manage rewards in your dashboard or "My Reward" section of the website after login. You can view every detail of your earnings, when you click on "View Details". The details consist your joining bonus, rewards for updating your profile, rewards on referrals and rewards for successful participation in online surveys and polls.

Check your Earned Reward Real Time.

You can see your earnings for:

Joining Bonus -

Once you activate your account and complete the 1st questionnaire of your personal profiling after joining OB Community, our panel team goes through member authentication process to verify your details and approve your survey eligibility. As soon as your account is approved for survey participation, your joining bonus is credited to your account for redemption.

Referrals -

Once your referrals activate their account and our panel team approves their account for survey eligibility, they need to take the first Opinion Bureau profiling survey, once they complete this first survey your reward amount on refferals get credited to your account and become redeemable.

Surveys -

At the end of every survey that you take, a message will appear that confirms your participation status (Qualified/ Disqualified). For every successful particpation, reward amount will be credited to your Opinion Bureau account as soon as you see the status page at the end of the very survey. Our qulity team checks your rsponses in the survey and approves your reward amount for redemption if it clears all the data qulity standard checks as our clients only accept genuine data for research purposes. Approved reward eared by you can be redeemed after 30 days of your partcipation in a particular survey.

Polls -

Once you vote for a poll, reward amount will be credited to your Opinion Bureau account and you can redeem this amount after 10 days of final colusure for the very poll.

Claim your Reward as low as USD 10.00

The minimum threshold to claim for reward is USD 10.00 so you can request to redeem your reward as soon as your redeemable money reaches the minimum threshold of reward redemption. You can make the request in multiple of USD 10.00 only if you have more than USD 10.00 redeemable money in your account. Please read reward policy for further details.

Choose your Reward Option you like most

Opinion Bureau has got multiple reward payment options e.g. paypal, amazon coupon, starbucks coupon, charity coupons, flipkart coupon, other shopping coupons, etc. You can choose any of the available options at the time of claiming your reward. You can see all available options in your country when you login under "My Reward" section.

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