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For the Love of Luxury Cars


Who doesn't love luxury cars? Incredibly beautiful to look at and even more beautiful to drive, luxury cars have a fan following of their own. Almost everyone dreams of owning one. So, we thought we?d conduct a poll to see which luxury car is the most loved out of the lot. Of the 12,615 respondents we asked, 22.95% love the looks of Mercedes-Benz, 18.73% prefer the sporty BMW, and 13.02% love the panache of Audi. Next on the list is the uber-cool Lamborghini (6.75%), followed by the solid Land Rover (6.39%), the powerful Porsche (5.22%), and the super-smart Tesla (5.12%). And the list doesn?t end here. 4.81% love a fast Ferrari, 4.80% vote for the royal Rolls-Royce, 3.38% prefer the chic style of Jaguar, 2.27% would go for a Volvo, and 2.21% like Bugatti. Lastly, 1.92% love Maserati, 1.63% adore Lexus, and 0.80% like Cadillac.


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Which is your favourite luxury car brand?
Mercedes-Benz (22.95%)
Porsche (5.22%)
Volvo (2.27%)
Lamborghini (6.75%)
Land Rover (6.39%)
Jaguar (3.38%)
Rolls-Royce (4.8%)
Votes: 12610

The Driving Poll

 Despite a solid public transportation system in India, millions of people prefer to commute in their cars. People find it easier, quicker, and definitely more comfortable. So, what once was a luxury is more of a necessity in the 21st century. To arrive at a number, we at Opinion Bureau conducted a quick poll with 13,118 respondents. We asked them whether they know how to drive a car or not, to which the majority replied in the affirmative. 63.69% of the respondent know how to drive a car, while 14.87% do not know how to drive one. A significant group of respondents, however, say they are currently learning their way around the car.

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Do you know how to drive a car?
I’m learning(21.44%)
Votes: 13117

The D�cor Edit

Everyone likes to do up their space as per their style and taste. The d�cor they go for is an extension of one's personality, the reason why people put a lot of thought into it. While some like to keep things traditional, some prefer a minimalist modern look. From colour schemes and designs to textures and furnishing, every aspect of interior designing demands attention. Conducting a poll on the same, we asked 12,384 respondents which interior design style they like the most. A clear winner emerged in the Urban Modern style with 40.58% votes, followed by Mid-Century Modern (15.80%) and Farmhouse (14.45%). 10.25% prefer Industrial design, 6.40% love the Nautical vibe, 5.22% opt for a Bohemian feel, 4.51% like the classy Scandinavian style, and 2.81% go for Shabby Chic.

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Which of these interior design styles do you like the most?
Mid-Century Modern(15.8%)
Urban Modern(40.58%)
Shabby Chic(2.81%)
Votes: 12383

The Coolest Poll Ever!

For our latest poll, we wanted to come up with a topic loved by all. And so, we thought what�s better than ice-creams. A sure-shot mood uplifter and a happy indulgence, ice-creams are a blessing for us humans. What�s absolutely amazing is the fact that ice-creams come in a wide variety of flavours for everyone to enjoy. Conducting a poll on ice-creams flavours, we asked 12,420 respondents which one is their favourite. It was no surprise when the majority (31.63%) voted for the rich and delectable Chocolate. 29.67% prefer the classic Vanilla, 10.94% would rather go for the sweet and tangy Strawberry, 8.62% like to keep it cool with Mint Chocolate Chip, 8.12% love the texture of Cookies N' Cream, and 6.68% like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. 3.40% are fans of the creamy Butter Pecan and 0.94% prefer Rocky Road over anything else.

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Which of the following is your favourite ice-cream flavour?
Mint chocolate chip(8.62%)
Butter pecan(3.4%)
Chocolate chip cookie dough(6.68%)
Cookies n' cream(8.12%)
Rocky road(0.94%)
Votes: 12419

Twitter 2.0

With more than a billion downloads, Twitter is a social media platform with its own unique offering. It has a total of 217 million monetizable daily active users worldwide, with close to 500 million tweets being sent each day. And so, with such a strong number game, it did not come as a surprise when Elon Musk offered to buy the platform for a whopping $43 Billion. This decision fuelled up a lot of debates, not to mention hilarious memes, when it hit the news. The bigger question, however, is whether people feel Musk can improve Twitter or not. Conducting a poll on the same with 9,242 respondents, we asked people about their opinions. 66.76% of the respondents, a solid majority, think Musk will bring positive changes with this acquisition, while 14.67% reply with a definitive no. 18.65% of the respondents, however, do not know for sure what this change of hands will mean for the beloved blue-bird-logo brand.

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Do you think Elon Musk will improve Twitter?
I don't know (18.65%)
Votes: 9242

What?s For Breakfast?

The best thing about getting up in the morning is getting breakfast! It is the most essential meal of the day, giving you all the energy you need to get through your day. To add to it, if it is a yummy breakfast meal, it also keeps you happy throughout the day. So, we thought we could conduct a poll to see which is the most-favourite breakfast choice among people. Out of the 8,099 respondents we asked, 22.88% love Bacon and Eggs, 15.15% opt for a healthy option ? Fruits, and 14.84% vote for the classic Corn Flakes. 13.14% love warm and fluffy Pancakes, 9.38% reach out to Muesli, and 6.99% prefer Cereals. While 3.84% of the respondents favour the wholesome Granola, 3.79% love their fruity Fruit Loops. And lastly, we have a group of respondents (9.99%) who prefer some other foods not mentioned on the list as their favourite breakfast meal.

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What’s your favourite breakfast?
Fruit loops(3.79%)
Corn flakes(14.84%)
Bacon and eggs(22.89%)
Votes: 8100

A Pet's A Pet!


A pet is a comforting companion. Their innocence often gets to us humans, helping us lower our anxiety and stress levels. Research also reveals how having a pet can reduce our chances of depression. A perfect antidote for loneliness, pets never make us feel alone with their unconditional love. Some people, however, have very unusual animals for pets. Conducting a poll on the same with 8,185 respondents, we tried to figure out which animals are the most common pets. While 56.82% of the respondents say they have dogs, 18.20% reveal they have cats, and 6.85% have birds. And from here on, things get weird (at least for us). 1.26% of the respondents say they have a python for a pet, 0.87% have iguanas, and 0.81% have snakes. To top it all, 0.33% of the people have a tarantula for a pet! (A spider!) Well, to each his own pet. Lastly, 14.86% of the respondents state they have some other animals as a pet.

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Which of the following do you have as a pet?
Tarantula (0.33%)
Other (14.86%)
Votes: 8185

The Netflix Network

In January 2022, Netflix announced it had garnered 222 million subscribers worldwide. With at least 17,000 titles across its international libraries, Netflix's original programming has received over 800 award nominations and 250 awards. The content is so good that it has been winning at Emmys and Oscars too! Interestingly, the average Netflix user has put in over 1,130 hours, or 49 days, worth of content watching since opening their account. Compared to other OTT platforms, Netflix has its own following owing to its unique content. But this also means it comes at a cost far more than its competitors. So, we conducted a poll with 8,676 respondents to check whether they have unsubscribed from Netflix recently or not. 65.98% replied with a definite No, while 25.51% of the respondents revealed they have unsubscribed from the platform. The poll also disclosed that 8.52% of the respondents are thinking about unsubscribing.

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Have you unsubscribed to Netflix recently?
Thinking about it(8.52%)
Votes: 8675

Finding Your Special Someone Online

In the world of technology, it does not come as a surprise that people are meeting through apps. No one is really questioning the fact that technical algorithms are responsible for setting up romantic dates. Though some people are still skeptical about these dating apps, a sizeable number of people do swear by them. Conducting a poll on the same, we asked 7,866 respondents which dating app they use the most. 62.51% vouch for Tinder while others are experimenting with the wide variety of apps available in the market. 6.43% like Match, 4.73% favour OkCupid, 3.75% prefer Bumble, 3.34% use The League, and 3.10% pick Hinge. Next on the list is Grindr 2.53%, Coffee Meets Bagel 2.54%, EHarmony 2.40%, Happn 2.19%, and Clover 2.07%. Some respondents also revealed they use Feeld 1.47%, Her 1.61%, Blk 0.80%, and lastly Lex 0.51%.

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Which of the dating apps you use the most?
Coffee Meets Bagel(2.54%)
The League(3.34%)
Votes: 7866