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Poll Summary

Are you closer to your financial goals ?

Work, hustle, and go all out! These are the words that we hear more often than anything. For some, it gives them motivation to work harder and achieve their goals, one of which is pretty common - financial freedom. We all are seeking financial freedom to discard every possible hurdle between us and our dreams. Be it a luxury vacation or home, we all have a plan and slowly and steadily, we want to come closer to achieve the same. However, situations can occur and the uncertainty of life never fails to surprise us. When we reached out to the masses to know if they are financially better now than they were a year before, we found that 50.09% of people are at a better financial position. While 17.96 % did not know where they stand and have no idea if they are closer to their goals, 31.95% feel that they are worse off than their previous year.

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Do you feel you are financially better or worse off now than you were a year ago?
Better off(50.09%)
Worse off(31.95%)
No Idea(17.96%)
Votes: 10120
United States: 127

Moon lighting - What people have to say about it ?

Moon lighting has always been a controversial topic in the industry. While the employers oppose the practice, for employees it is a great opportunity to develop a second income stream, and there is no denying that everybody is looking forward to having the same. With the rising urbanization and a surge in inflation, it gets hard to be dependent on a single stream of income and hence people are opting out of choice for moon lighting. To each its own, but 41.39% of people are ready to take the chance and risk. While 31.27 % of people denied moon lighting, 27.34% of people are willing to consider a second job if they have to.

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Would you consider having more than one full-time job?
No way(31.27%)
Yes, I'll risk it(41.4%)
Only if I have to(27.33%)
Votes: 10774
United States: 144

Career Resolutions for 2023

With all the resolutions that we must have planned for this year, we are sure that some of them are work related. The increasing urbanisation in the world with a surge in the opportunities, there has been a plethora of career options today, as compared to the situation half a century ago. Today, people are more aware of the things that are important for their career. Prioritising work life balance and practicing decent work ethics is what the generation of today is aiming at.  Thinking the same, we conducted a poll on the various career resolutions for this year and found out that 35.01% of people are looking for a job change and 46.92% of people would like to develop a new skill. 12.53% of people are heading towards getting a promotion while 5.54% of people have decided to attend networking events.

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What's on top of your career resolution list this year?
Looking for a new job(35.01%)
Developing new skills(46.93%)
Getting a promotion(12.52%)
Networking/Attending events(5.54%)
Votes: 4841
United States: 83

How popular is ChatGPT ? 


Chat GPT, the recent AI tool has become the talk of the town lately. The software is free to access and open to feedback for now, due to which a lot of people got to use and understand its basic functions. We conducted a poll to determine if people are planning to use ChatGPT in their work this year. 41.71% of voters said it�s handy and they would use the AI tool while 17.03% said they would not use it. 26.18% of users were not sure whether they might use it or not while 15.08% of users said they don�t know what  ChatGPT is.

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Are you planning to use ChatGPT in your work this year?
No, I'm not(17.03%)
Yes, it's handy(41.71%)
I don't know what that is(15.08%)
Votes: 4164
United States: 92

What is going to happen in 2023? 


New Year, new resolutions, and new predictions, 2023 arrived with all of this. With technological advances and adaptive changes in our day-to-day lives, we can predict what the future may look like. Hence, we conducted a poll on a few predictions and derived what most people think will happen this year. While doing so, we found out that since more people are likely to shift to electric vehicles, there would be a growth in the number of charging stations, at least 48.01% of people believe so. 28.64% voted that they expect more space tourism exploration this year while 23.35% of people predicted there would be fewer college ranking systems.

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What do you believe is most likely to happen this year?
More EV charging stations(48.01%)
Fewer college ranking systems(23.35%)
More space tourism exploration(28.64%)
Votes: 9817
United States: 142

New Year Resolutions! Are they for real?

Resolutions have always been a topic of discussion. Here comes December and people start summarising their year and planning resolutions for the next. But over the time period, some people (23.89%) have realised that resolutions are often over rated and they never work. With so much of awareness and knowledge over consistency and discipline, people are getting over the idea to start afresh on the 1st of every year and are more focused on being regular with their habits. Hence, 25.78% are never bothered to try the same. However, the change is not for everyone and 50.33% are still very much up for the resolutions.

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What's your take on New Year's Resolutions?
They never work(23.89%)
I'm very much for them!(50.33%)
I never bothered to try it(25.78%)
Votes: 7858
United States: 119

Twitter with or without Elon Musk ?

Elon Musk and Tesla is a match made in heaven, but the same can�t be said for the new birdie. A lot of tweets and tweaks, Elon Musk has created a havoc by purchasing Twitter and making every possible decision that he should or shouldn�t for the platform. While he remained the CEO for a really short span of time, the amount of opinions his act seeked was no joke. People have divided school of thoughts but the majority of them are not liking his stint at Twitter. A lot of them are also demanding him to resign while the other side of the world is of a different opinion. All in all, Musk has made the battle of Twitter as controversial as the platform is known for.

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Should Elon Musk resign from Twitter?
I don't know(14.82%)
Votes: 10291
United States: 161

Has your partner cheated on you?


Processing and dealing with infidelity in a relationship sucks, and no matter how hard you try, it gets difficult to face the fact that you are being betrayed in the name of love. Maybe your partner can explain their reasons, but no reason is justified to cheat on anybody. But surprisingly, 51.05 % of the people accepted being cheated on by their partners when we conducted the poll. 6.93% of the people think that they may have been cheated whereas 5.51% of the people don�t know if they have been cheated or not. 36.51% of the voters, being the lucky ones said that they have never been cheated.

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Have you ever been cheated on by your partner/spouse/ex?
I may have been(6.93%)
I don't know(5.54%)
Votes: 6498
United States: 107

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