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Poll Summary

School Dress Code: Formals or Casuals?

A much-debated topic, school uniforms for children as an issue has never been settled. Some people prefer casual clothing instead of school uniforms, while some think uniforms are necessary to maintain equality amongst children from diverse backgrounds. Consequently, we conducted a poll to understand the people's sentiment about the same. Out of the 2,599 respondents we asked, 60.87% of them are staunch supporters of uniform as it brings more discipline to a student's life. 13.70% of them think casual dressing should be adopted in schools as we should let kids be. 13.08% take a stand between these two opposing stances as they feel the dress code should be a mix of both during the week. 9.77% of them feel uniforms should be made compulsory till junior high and then senior high should have casual clothing. A small set of respondents (2.58%), however, don't care about the subject at all.

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Should schools have uniform dress code or casual?
Uniform. It's more disciplined(60.87%)
Casual is good. It lets kids be(13.7%)
It should be a mix of both during the week(13.08%)
I absolutely don't care(2.58%)
Uniform should be compulsary till junior high. Senior high should have casual clothing(9.77%)
Votes: 2599

The Trend of New Year Travel Plans


On hearing the word '2020', the first thing that comes to mind is the panic ensued by the pandemic. The year ushered in thousands of adversities on a completely unimaginable scale. All major festivities went by as people were trying to observe the necessary precautions. A gigantic question mark loomed over all the travel plans throughout the year. And when it came to the New Year, we couldn't help but wonder what happened with those plans. Were people fed up by the situation and had decided to carry on with their plans or the scare of the virus still persisted in the minds of the people? We conducted a poll with 2,204 respondents which revealed 48.87% of them aren't travelling till the coronavirus is over. As far as international travel goes, 4.85% of the respondents are travelling alone while 8.44% of them are travelling with their families and 4.17% are travelling with their friends. Coming to travel plans within the country, 3.58% are travelling alone; 7.30% have a trip planned with their friends, and; 9.75% have plans with their families. 13.02% of the respondents, however, don't have a plan yet. Travel plans or not, we feel one thing is certain  no one will forget how they spent this New Year.

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Do you have any travelling plans for the New Year celebration?
No. I am not travelling till corona is over(48.91%)
Yes. I’m travelling internationally alone(4.86%)
Yes. I’m travelling internationally with my family(8.45%)
Yes. I’m travelling internationally with my friends(4.18%)
Yes. I’m travelling withing the country with friends(7.31%)
Yes. I’m travelling with family within the country(9.76%)
Yes. I’m travelling alone within the country(3.59%)
I don’t have any plans yet(13.03%)
Votes: 2202

The Superhero Fan Club

Everyone has a superhero in their life they look up to. Some real, some fiction. But what matters most is what place that particular superhero assumes in their life. These characters in the movies are not just a source of entertainment anymore. Their following is no less than that of a cult where people follow their every move and action. They sit with their friends for hours to discuss their superpowers and what all they can do with them. So, we conducted a poll with 1,830 respondents and asked them whether they are a superhero fan and if yes, which is their favourite universe. For 47.70% of the respondents, Marvel is the real deal, and for 6.34%, C Universe beats everything else. 29.34% of the respondents are fans of both, while 13.93% of them don't watch any superhero stuff. There is also a set of respondents (2.68%) who is completely oblivious to this world of superheroes. It seems their superpower is yet to do their magic on them.


Superheroes on Silver Screens

What's better than watching your favourite superhero on the big screen with a bucket of extra-large popcorn? Nothing, right? We thought so too. So, we asked 4,987 respondents which of the upcoming superhero movie they are looking forward to the most. We presented them with an extensive list from which they had to pick their top three. The highest votes go to Spider-Man 3 (17.18%), followed by Black Panther 2 (11.99%), and THOR: Love and Thunder (10.89%). The movies that score high on the list next are Captain Marvel 2 (10.01%), Deadpool 3 (9.85%), Black Widow (9.75%), Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (8.78%), and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (7.72%). Following these superhero movies are Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantomania (5.03%), Eternals (4.43%), and last but not the least Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (4.37%).

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Are you a super hero fan? Which is your favourite universe?
Marvel is the real deal(47.7%)
C universe beats everyone(6.34%)
Both for me(29.34%)
I don’t watch superhero stuff(13.93%)
I don’t know what you are talking about(2.68%)
Votes: 1830

Training Towards a Better Tomorrow

When a company puts its employees first by looking after their overall growth, they win their employees forever. Nurturing them and giving them a skill set for their future with Training and Development Programs are seen as an upside by the employees. And to get a clearer picture of workplaces, we asked 762 respondents whether their current workplace provides any Training and Development Programs or not. The majority of the respondents (42.26%) have such programs conducted in their offices annually, and 38.58% have them more than once a year. 11.55% of the respondents do not have any kind of training sessions whatsoever. 4.07% claim their previous organisations used to conduct those sessions while the current workplace doesn't. Interestingly, 3.54% of the respondents are moving on to a better organisation where such programs are being offered.


The Importance of Training & Development Programs

The heart and soul of any organisation is its employees. For the employees to work to their fullest potential, it is imperative that they remain happy and satisfied with the organisation. And a recent trend noticed by researchers is that employees want their organisations to look after them their overall training and development that allows them to possess a skill set that might come in handy. So, many workplaces have started organising such programs, and to get clarity on how essential they are, we conducted a poll with 1,119 respondents. 30.56% of the respondents believe they are great for boosting employees performance, satisfaction, and morale. 19.03% of the respondents think such programs make the employees feel good and this, in turn, builds loyalty towards the firm. 13.23% of people opine, this adds to the organisation's reputation, and 15.82% feel it gives employees a chance to learn about new ideas and products. 16.53% of people believe that all of the above points matter. On the other end, few think that such programs are a complete waste of time with no return on investment and 1.25% feel work is more important than such training. 1.43% of the respondents, however, don't know have an opinion whether they are essential or not.





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Does your current workplace provide training and development programmes in office?
No. We do not have any kind of training whatsoever(11.52%)
Yes. We have such programmes once a year(42.15%)
Yes. We have such programmes more than once a year(38.61%)
No. But my previous organization used to(4.06%)
I’m moving on to a better organization with such programmes(3.66%)
Votes: 764

Game On, On TV?

Sports is like a religion for many people. Real sports enthusiasts never miss a game  they keep track of all their schedules and worship their favourite sportsperson. For them, sports events are not just a source of entertainment but an essential part of their life. And to see which sports events are followed by people religiously, we asked 6,268 respondents to pick three of their favourite events they never miss to catch on TV. It came as no shock that the maximum votes go to the legendary Cricket World Cup (19.78%) and the famous FIFA World Cup (14.44%). Following these are the UEFA Champions League (10.69%), Women's World Cup (7.40%), Summer Games (6.97%), and Winter Games (6.33%). Many people also never fail to miss the nail-biting NBA Finals (5.92%), Wimbledon (5.82%), World Series (4.56%), the World Cup of Rugby (4.23%), Tour de France (3.78%), and the super exciting Super Bowl (3.77%). The sports enthusiasts are also divided on other events as they swear that they don't miss The Masters (2.57%), the NCAA Final Four (2.19%), and the Kentucky Derby (1.55%). It seems that everyone has their favourite game and players sorted!

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Which of the following sports events do you watch on TV without fail? Select three of your favourites.
Tour de France(9.95%)
World Cup of Soccer(38.01%)
Cricket World Cup(52.08%)
Summer Games (18.35%)
Winter Games (16.67%)
Women's World Cup(19.49%)
UEFA Champions League(28.14%)
Super Bowl(9.91%)
World Series(12.01%)
NCAA Final Four (5.75%)
NBA Finals(15.58%)
The Masters(6.76%)
Kentucky Derby(4.07%)
World Cup of Rugby (11.13%)
Wimbledon (15.33%)
Votes: 2381

The Overuse of Single-Use Plastic

Consciously or unconsciously, we make hundreds of choices in a day that involves the use of single-use plastic. Be it grabbing a plastic straw for a tall cup of latte or buying a bottle of water or using plastic bags to carry fruits and vegetables. We are surrounded by plastic items, and what's worse is the way it has become a part of our lives. It feels natural for us to pick a plastic lid for a take-away coffee or get food delivered in Styrofoam or plastic containers. With such excessive amounts of plastic being used and no respite in sight, we thought we'll conduct a poll to check what people think about this issue. Out of the 2,083 respondents, 34.42% of them claim to be frequent users as they use it all the time in restaurants, markets, and shopping centres. 36.49% are judicious users as they use it only when there are no alternatives available. Sadly, 6.24% of the users are not even familiar with what constitutes single-use plastic and consequently are unaware of the damage they cause. What's uplifting is the set of 22.85% of respondents who swear by using only their eco-friendly replacements in place of disposable plastic items.

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How often do you use single use plastic?
I do not at all. I prefer my own eco-friendly replacements(22.86%)
I use it all the time in restaurants, markets, shopping etc(34.44%)
I don’t know what’s a single use plastic (6.24%)
I use it sometimes when there’s no other option(36.5%)
Votes: 2082

A Vaccine for All?


Since the onset of the global pandemic, there have been numerous theories lurking around the coronavirus. The same continues when the vaccine is ready for distribution. People are questioning the real origin of the virus, and who is benefitting from the production and distribution of the vaccine. So, we thought a poll should be conducted to understand people's sentiment about Pfizer-BioNTech's vaccine - whether they think the roll-out would be in the interest of common people all over the world or not. The poll with 2,376 respondents reveals that 18.94% of them feel the rich people will get their hands on the vaccine first, while 10.23% of them think politicians will make it difficult for everyone to receive the vaccine, and 10.10% of them believe poorer countries might not even get it. On the other hand, 39.98% of the respondents are positive the governments will ensure it is distributed to every citizen, and 13.30% are hopeful WHO will step in to safeguard the interests of the people. 7.45% of the respondents, however, have no idea about the issue and perhaps will have to wait and watch how it pans out.

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Pfizer-BioNTech's COVID-19 vaccine is under approval stage already. Do you think the roll-out would be in the interest of common people all over the world?
No. Rich will get their hands on it first(18.94%)
Yes. Govts will make sure of it(39.98%)
No. Politicians will make it difficult of everyone(10.23%)
No. Poor countries might not even get it(10.1%)
Yes. WHO will make sure of it(13.3%)
I have no idea(7.45%)
Votes: 2376

Efficient Management Via Management Apps

Jack Welch very rightly said, Management is all about managing in the short term while developing the plans for the long term.And good management is just that. In turn, what it demands is a tremendous amount of time and effort to manage all verticals in an organisation. So, various management apps are available in the market to ease the load for managers. We, therefore, asked 1,638 respondents which Project Management Apps are used by their organisation or themselves. The top preferred apps are Task World (16.06%), FileStage (11.29%), and ProofHub (11.23%). 7.39% of them swear by Genius Project, 6.84% are comfortable with Monday.Com, 6.78% prefer Troop Messenger, and 6.17% favour Hubstaff Tasks. These apps are then followed by Chanty (4.64%), ProProfs (4.58%), and Asana (3.24%). The market is further bifurcated as 21.79% of the respondents use apps that are not mentioned on our list.

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Which one of these project management apps is widely used in your organisation or you?
Troop Messenger(6.77%)
Task World(16.11%)
Hubstaff Tasks(6.16%)
Genius project(7.38%)
Votes: 1639

Presidents and the Pandemic

Every Presidential Election Campaign has one critical issue on which the candidates pitch their campaign. And this time, it was none other than the novel coronavirus  what measures each candidate will undertake to contain the spread. So to see what people are thinking about the same, we conducted a poll with 2,135 respondents. We asked them whether they expect the President of the United States, Joe Biden, will be better able to tackle the pandemic than the Donald Trump Administration or not. A considerable majority (60.37%) chimed a resounding 'yes' as they feel the Biden Administration is going to do a better job than their predecessors. 11.80% of the respondents feel the efforts of the Trump government were admirable and were the only ones who could have managed the pandemic of such proportions. 22.72% of the respondents are not so sure about the subject and say only time will tell, while 3.33% feel that Biden might do a better job at it. A small set of respondents (1.78%) claim they don't care about the issue and consequently have no comments on the topic.

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Would president-elect of the United States Joe Biden be able to tackle the pandemic better than the Donald Trump administration?
No. Trump administration did a better job. Only they could have managed it. (11.8%)
Yes. Biden administration is going to do a much better job that Trump administration. (60.37%)
I don’t know. Time will tell. (22.72%)
It might so. (3.33%)
I don’t care. (1.78%)
Votes: 2135