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Poll Summary

Home Sweet Home

Everyone has a place they can call home. Be it owned or rented; people bring their touch to the space that reflects their personality. Whether it's a couch, curtain, or the colour of the walls � everything in a home means something. Even if they stay at a place for some time, they create unforgettable memories in that space with family and friends. But for our latest poll, we wanted to see how many people are staying in a home they own and how many have rented accommodation. Out of 9,863 respondents, 58.08% live in their own place, while 34.21% live in a rented space. 7.72% of the respondents are, however, planning to buy their own space.

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Do you stay in an owned or rented accommodation?
Planning to buy(7.72%)
Votes: 9863
United States: 107

Does Networking Work?


Many believe in the philosophy of 'your network is your net worth.' So, what is networking? In the words of Michele Jennae, networking is not about just connecting people. It�s about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities. We thought this could be an interesting topic to conduct our latest poll on. So, we asked 10,504 respondents whether networking has helped them in their professional lives or not. For 26.76%, networking leads to exposure to new experiences, 14.09% benefit from the exchange of ideas, and 13.43% use it for giving a referral for a job. And for 39.03% of the people, it has been a mixture of all three. But for 6.68% of the respondents, networking has not been helpful in either of the above three departments.

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How has networking helped you in your professional life?
Exposure to new experiences(26.76%)
Referral for a job(13.43%)
Exchange of ideas(14.09%)
All of the above(39.03%)
None of the above(6.68%)
Votes: 10504
United States: 101

The Most-Loved Social Media App 


If there�s a smartphone there�s a social media app on it because everyone has at least one app downloaded on it. Sometimes they use it for just communication purposes and sometimes for entertainment. They might not be posting content on their feed, but they would be definitely scrolling through it. What we at Opinion Bureau wanted to gather was which is that one app people can�t do without. So, we conducted a poll with 11,020 respondents asking them if they had to scrap all the social media apps except one, which one would they keep. 31.67% will never uninstall WhatsApp, 15.11% will keep YouTube, and 16.14% can�t do without Facebook. Next on the favorites� list are Instagram (14.30%), TikTok (6.32%), Twitter (5.90%), LinkedIn (3.59%), Telegram (1.99%), Pinterest (1.30%), and WeChat (1.06%). Some other apps that made it to the list are Snapchat (0.83%), Hike (0.64%), QQ (0.57%) and Reddit (0.57%).

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If you had to scrap all social media apps except one, which one would you keep?
Votes: 11022
United States: 121

Favourite Summer Coolers


Summers are great. But what's even better is sipping them away with some icy summer coolers. Living in a country like India, where every weather is extreme, we have come up with ways to beat it. And that too, mostly with foods and drinks. For instance, winters without gajar ka halwa are incomplete and summers without ice creams are unimaginable. Conducting a poll on the same, we asked 10,959 people which is their favourite summer drink. Most of the people go for a healthy option as 28.92% of the respondents love having a refreshing lemonade, while 17.52% are nuts about coconut water and 14.52% love having iced tea. 39.68% of the respondents, on the other hand, voted for soft drinks.

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What’s your favourite summer drink?
Ice tea(14.52%)
Coconut water(17.52%)
Soft drinks(39.68%)
Votes: 10961
United States: 110

Investments and Stock Markets


Saving and spending are just two sides of the same coin. No individual spends their entire income on food, clothing, and luxuries. They save up for the rainy days too. And everyone tries to invest their money in multiple places. Stock markets being one. While some swear by it, some don't think of them as a reliable option to invest. So, we thought we'll conduct a quick poll on whether people think investing in stock markets is a good option or not. Out of 10,901 respondents, 66.92% of the people reply with a resounding yes and 6.89% reply with a definite no. 20.70% of the respondents, however, are not sure as they feel it might be a good investment option. And lastly, 5.49% don't know for sure.

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Do you think the stock market is a good option for investment?
I don’t know(5.49%)
Votes: 10903
United States: 117

Smart Services for Smart Offices


Cloud computing platforms have become an essential service for many organisations. Such platforms allow users to rent virtual computers on which they can run their own computer applications. What it does is it eliminates an organisation�s need to invest in hardware and thus develop and deploy applications faster. It is easy to start, reliable, and most importantly cost-effective. And there are many platforms to choose from now. So, we asked 6,476 respondents which service platform their organisation is using. While 31.28 trust Google Compute Engine, 14.72% use Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines and 13.11% prefer Amazon EC2. Next on the list are IBM Cloud Private (8.88%), Alibaba Elastic Compute Service (5.36%), Digital Ocean Droplets (2.67%), Linode (1.33%), and Synology Virtual Machine Manager (1.16%). 21.49%, however, reveal they use other platforms.

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Which of the following Infrastructure as a Service platforms do you use at your organisation?
Alibaba Elastic Compute Service (5.36%)
Amazon EC2(13.11%)
Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines(14.71%)
DigitalOcean Droplets(2.67%)
Google Compute Engine(31.3%)
IBM Cloud Private(8.88%)
Synology Virtual Machine Manager(1.16%)
Votes: 6478
United States: 68

The Crypto Crash


Investing in crypto currencies is fairly new. People saw profits and started investing in digital currency. And like any stock market, it has had its ups and downs. The highs have turned people into millionaires and the lows have brought ruin. Experts say global inflation is the prime reason for the disastrous state crypto is in today. The Ukraine-Russia war, COVID lockdowns, and extreme over-valuation of crypto currency projects also added to the current meltdown. Taking stock of things, we asked 1,176 respondents whether they have lost any money in the crypto market crash or not. While 61.49% have been lucky as they haven't lost any money, 33.36% have suffered from the crash. 5.14% of the respondents, however, don't know anything about the crash.

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Have you lost any money because of the crypto market crash?
What is it?(5.14%)
Votes: 11764
United States: 123

The Tattoo Tales

When ink hits the skin, it is not just a tattoo on the body anymore; it is an extension of one's self. While some are scared of the needle and some don't like the idea of getting a tattoo on their body, some just love getting inked. Such people always have fascinating tales to share about how and when and where they got their tattoos from. And what makes each tattoo unique is the meaning behind it. Conducting a poll on the same, we asked 12,035 people whether they have a tattoo on their body or not. 25.72% of the respondents reveal they have a tattoo, and 18.85% say they are planning to get one. 55.43% of the respondents, however, claim that they don't have one.

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Do you have a tattoo?
Planning to get one(18.85%)
Votes: 12035
United States: 125

The Language Tally

Research shows people who know two or more than two languages have more grey matter in parts of their brain, meaning better cognitive functioning. Multilingualism has a positive impact on intellectual growth and increases a person's sensibilities and receptivity towards people and their cultures. Living in a modern and interconnected world, being a polyglot also means getting better job opportunities, a chance to expand businesses for entrepreneurs, and a more evolved travelling experience. So, to see how many people know more than one language, we conducted a poll with 12,098 respondents. 14.80% speak only one language, 25.36% are fluent in two languages, and 28.71% know three languages. The poll also revealed that 16.69% of the respondents are comfortable with four languages, 7.51% speak five languages, and 3.28% are familiar with six languages. Interestingly, 3.65% of the respondents speak more than six languages.

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How many languages do you speak?
More than 6 (3.65%)
Votes: 12097
United States: 127