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Poll Summary

What Are Great Leaders Made Of?

John Maxwell said, ?Leaders become great not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.? There are many parts a leader has to play, and one such part is to understand what their teams need. Conducting a poll on the same, we asked 12,105 respondents about the best skill they think a leader possesses. 41.07% of the respondents are of the opinion that the greatest skill of a leader is their employee management skills. 32.97% feel a good leader has excellent information management abilities, and 10.71% believe they have exceptional client management competence. 7.27% also state that superior cash management is the attribute that sets a leader apart from others. Lastly, 7.97% cite other reasons. All in all, one thing common amongst all the answers is the affirmation that a leader must possess some specific skills that make them worthy of being a leader.

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Which of the following do you think is the best skill in a Leader?
Information management(32.98%)
Employee management(41.07%)
Client management(10.71%)
Cash management(7.27%)
Votes: 12106
United States: 104

Superpower Up for Grabs 


Superheroes and their superpowers fascinate one and all. People always dream about having a superpower and the reasons are quite obvious. Firstly, because it�s super fun, and secondly, because superpowers are amazingly empowering. Imagine the possibilities it unfolds for someone who can possess such powers! And since everyone wishes to be endowed with such superpowers, we thought we�ll conduct a poll on this topic. We asked 12,090 respondents that if they are given a chance, which superpower they would pick for themselves. The most-coveted superpower with 30.07% votes is the ability to read people�s minds, followed by 27.58% voting for the power to be invisible whenever and wherever they want. Next on the list is wishing for superhuman strength (12.23%), the ability to fly (11.46%), and gift to talk to animals (10.51%). 8.15% of the respondents also wish for super-fast speed as their superpower. It seems everyone has something they want to make their lives more exciting. 

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If you could have one of these superpowers, which one would you choose?
Be invisible whenever you want(27.57%)
Superhuman Strength(12.24%)
Talk to animals(10.51%)
Read minds(30.06%)
Be able to fly(11.46%)
Superfast speed(8.15%)
Votes: 12090
United States: 108

High-Rise v/s Low-Rise Buildings

Modern cities are abounded with impressive lofty buildings, no wonder gaining the title of being concrete jungles. A single building can be home to hundreds and an office to thousands. While some like them, some don't, and some just love to hate them. Every individual has their preference; some like the simplicity of low-rise buildings and some are enamored by the grandeur of the high-rise buildings. And their reasons are all varied from aesthetic to functional to environmental. But whatever be the case, they both have their charm. So, we thought we'll conduct a poll to see which of the two building types is favored more by people. Out of the 12,257 respondents, 51.17% like high-rise buildings and 41.74% like low-rise buildings. 7.09% of the respondents, however, don't know which building they prefer.

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Do you like high-rise or low-rise buildings?
Low rises(41.74%)
High rises(51.17%)
I don’t know(7.09%)
Votes: 12257
United States: 111

Yellow Sands or Lush-Green Lands?

Everyone has their idea of a perfect getaway. They dream of relaxing in their favourite surroundings, enjoying the weather, and having the time of their life. For some, this destination can be a desert and for some, vast lands covered in greens. While the former would pick a wild desert safari under the blazing sun, the latter would like to rejuvenate with the soothing atmosphere of nature. To get a clearer picture as to which backdrop people would prefer more, we conducted a poll on the same. Out of the 12,432 respondents, 90.73%  which constitutes almost everybody  prefer green surroundings around them. Only 6.81% of the respondents opt for the endless expanse of deserts as their preferred surrounding. 2.46%, however, don't know which landscape they favour.

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Do you prefer desert or green surroundings?
I don’t know(2.46%)
Votes: 12431
United States: 116

Changing Jobs � The Primary Reason Behind It

For anyone, their place of work has to be a conducive environment that helps them grow. They will put in a hundred percent if they get the appropriate guidance, opportunities, and respect. And there are only a few specific reasons that force people to switch jobs. In an attempt to understand those very reasons, we conducted a poll with 12,985 respondents, asking them the primary reason they left their job. The majority (36.53%) chimed the same answer � getting a significant rise in compensation in another organisation. 20.45% made the switch because they were getting a better designation; 11.61% had a bad/unskilled boss; 10.12% moved on since they were not happy with the culture/management of their current office. 5.48% of the respondents also revealed that they were asked to leave, while 15.83% cite other reasons to change their jobs.

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If you ever left a job, what was the primary reason?
Better money in another organization(36.53%)
Bad/ unskilled boss(11.61%)
Better role in another organization (20.45%)
Bad culture/management(10.12%)
Was asked to leave(5.48%)
Other (15.83%)
Votes: 12985
United States: 126

India?s Two-Child Policy: Go or A No-Go?

With India's population at 1,395,457,353 as of Monday, August 23, 2021, it isn't surprising that the government has a two-child policy in place in India. With a population explosion that perhaps happened years ago, it only makes sense to introduce measures to control the same. To manage this continental-sized nation with its ever-growing population is no easy task. Because with each added individual comes responsibilities, utilities that have to be procured or produced and supplied. People, however, always have an opinion of their own on every subject. Conducting a poll on this issue, we asked 9,629 respondents if they are in favour of the Indian Government's two-child policy or not. The majority of the respondents (41.55%) oppose the motion, while 38.90% stand in favour. A significant group of people, though, respond with a callous I don't care.

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Do you favour Indian government's two child policy for India?
I don't care(19.55%)
Votes: 9629
United States: 135

Do You Smoke or Drink or Do Both?

Smoking and drinking are two habits that die hard. In fact, in some cases, they never die. While some people know their limits, some throw caution to the wind and pay for their excessive lifestyles later in life. We, at Opinion Poll, wanted to take account of these patterns and see what people had to say about them. And so, we asked 13,037 respondents whether they drink or smoke, to which 44.95% replied with a definite No. From here on, the responses were just a myriad of permutations and combinations of affirmations. For instance, 15.35% say they drink but don't smoke, and 14.87% revealed that they indulge in both of these activities. 4.25% state they only smoke when they drink, 3.98% smoke but don't drink, whereas 13.95% drink occasionally and 2.65% smoke occasionally. To conclude, the poll revealed an almost equal divide between the consumers and non-consumers of alcohol and cigarettes. 

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Do you smoke or drink?
I don’t drink or smoke (44.95%)
I drink but don’t smoke (15.35%)
I do both (14.87%)
I only smoke when I drink (4.25%)
I smoke but I don’t drink (3.98%)
I drink occasionally (13.95%)
I smoke occasionally (2.65%)
Votes: 13037
United States: 129

Working in Virtual Workspaces

When the world had switched to the Work-From-Home mode, it was only logical to move to a workspace that befitted the change. Thanks to the Microsoft Teams and Zooms of the world, organisations were able to run like there was no pandemic on the horizon. What made the transition smoother was virtual workspaces that helped people run effective meetings, visualise ideas, and work creatively. But with endless apps available in the market, we asked 1,320 respondents which virtual workspace they were currently using. And just like the number of apps, the responses varied. 25.83% swear by Microsoft Whiteboard while 15.08% like Mural and 10.98% prefer LiveWebimar. Other apps that follow are BlueSpace (6.06%), Webex App (5.83%), BeeCanvas (5.23%), InVision (4.85%), Collaboard (3.64%), and Creately (3.41%). Some other preferred apps are ConceptBoard (2.95%), MindMeister (2.65%), Miro (2.58%), StormBoard (1.74%), XMind (1.67%), G2 Storefront (1.52%), Milanote (1.36%), Milanote 1.36%, Whimsical (1.06%), and LucidChart (1.06%). And the list doesn't end here. Some people also voted for LucidSpark 0.98%, Deon (0.91%), and IObeya (0.61%).

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Which of the following virtual workspaces are you using currently to collaborate with teams?
G2 Storefront(1.52%)
Webex App(5.83%)
Microsoft Whiteboard(25.83%)
Deon (0.91%)
Votes: 1320
United States: 13

Flying Cars: Fact or Fiction?

One of the things we get to see in every futuristic movie is flying cars. All the age-old problems might exist, but cars look and move at a whole different level. Which to us, in the present, seems highly improbable to see the light of the day. Hyundai's Chief, Michael Cole, however, posits a different stance. Cole is quite confident that flying cars will be a reality by the end of 2030. Yes, just in a decade! This was an interesting piece of news, and we thought we will carry out a poll on the same. We asked a total of 12,687 respondents whether they agree with Cole's statement or not. To which 57.26% chimed a definitive yes. 26.74% don't feel that they'll witness flying cars anytime soon, while 16% of them can't say much on the subject. Look like we just have to wait eight years, four months, eleven days. But, hey, who's counting?

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Hyundai chief said that flying cars will be a reality by 2030. Do you agree?
Couldn't Say(16.0%)
Votes: 12687
United States: 108