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Poll Summary

Electric Engines: An Efficient Alternative?

With concerns about the depleting natural resources and the rising global temperatures, a much sought-after solution has finally emerged in the form of electric vehicle engines. Be it international luxury brands or affordable ones  every automobile company has started incorporating this change. People are also looking forward to switching to electric cars as it takes care of the planet and the pocket (which is currently affected by the increased petrol and diesel prices). There are, however, questions regarding the efficiency of this new technology that needs addressing. Automobile brands will have to be mindful of communicating the same in the years to come. In the meantime, we thought we'll conduct a poll to see what the perception of electric vehicle engines is do people feel that it is more efficient than petrol and diesel engines. Out of 3,119 respondents, 58.67% feel electric engines are more efficient, while 15.71% think they aren't. 20.42% say it might be more efficient, and 5.19% can?t say much on the subject.

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Do you think electric vehicle engines are more efficient than petrol and diesel engines?
Can’t say(5.19%)
Votes: 3119

The Excessive Times of Political Campaigns

Much is said about the immoderate expenditure carried out by political parties during election campaigns. They are under constant scrutiny by people, the press, and the Election Commission, and yet the desire to win over the vote bank makes them violate all legal and ethical codes. The amount spent knows no bounds and perhaps would be enough to eradicate the poverty of millions if the thirst for political power was not so potent. We, thus, decided to conduct a quick poll with 2,920 respondents on whether people feel the money spent by political parties during campaigns is justified or not. It did not come as a surprise that 71.08% of the respondents think of it as a waste of the public's money. 19.28% see this political spending in a different way as they feel it is done for a good cause and is hence justified. A small group of respondents (8.06%) are not so sure about this subject and reply with an indecisive "I don't know."


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Do you think political parties waste money in their campaigns or is it justified?
I think they waste public's money.(72.23%)
No, it is justified and for a good cause.(19.59%)
I don't know(8.18%)
Votes: 2920

Television: A Complete Entertainment Package

A non-stop, economical, and fun entertainment medium, television never fails to come to one's rescue in times of need. It offers a wide array of choices in terms of content available for people from all walks of life. There are shows and channels for everyone  budding home chefs, busy businesspeople, curious young minds, nature lovers, and auto enthusiasts, to just name a few.

We, at Opinion Bureau, conducted a quick poll with 2,967 respondents, asking them which TV channels they watch the most. The majority of them (43.70%) say they tune into movie channels when the TV is on, while 18.40% get their fill of drama from daily soap serials. 16.54% prefer watching sports channels, 10.75% are there for insightful infotainment, and 5.56% love watching cooking shows. 5.05% of the respondents watch other channels to keep themselves entertained.

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Which of the following types of TV channels you watch the most?
Daily soap serials (18.4%)
Votes: 2967

The Most Favored OTT Platform

OTT platforms have changed the game of streaming movies and series. Gone are the days of going to the cinema for the first day first shows. People would now rather snuggle up in their beds not to mention in comfy PJs and watch movies and series at their leisure. What's interesting is the choices available in terms of content as well as the OTT platforms. Each streaming portal has exclusive content that has now come to define it. So, we conducted a poll with 3,152 respondents to see which platform is used the most for movies and series. Netflix emerges victorious of the lot with 37.13% votes, followed by YouTube with 30.18% votes. Other popular platforms are Amazon Prime (18.97%), Hot Star (5.79%), and the relatively new Jio TV (1.82%). 4.82% of the respondents also use other streaming portals to view content. With such a diverse range of answers, one thing is clear  people are spoilt for choice when picking an OTT platform.

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Which of the following platforms do you use the most for movies or series?
Hot star(5.87%)
Amazon Prime(19.23%)
Jio tv(1.84%)
Votes: 3152

With the digital world transforming every aspect of modern life, the day was not far when it would influence the way we learned. Gradually, the format of e-learning made its way, founding its ground because of the ease and convenience it offered. It is a refreshing change for all as the traditional learning methods were not enough to engage the over-active minds of 21st-century students. There is still an apprehension towards it, but many schools and colleges have started adopting e-learning modules. We conducted a poll on this issue, asking 2,694 respondents whether they think e-learning is better than traditional learning. A majority of the respondents (45.24%) chime a loud and definite yes. 32.71% of the respondents, however, prefer the old-school way of learning. Interestingly, 20.73%  a considerable chunk of the respondents reply with an indefinite maybe; they perhaps require some more time to get accustomed to the ways of e-learning to arrive at a final decision.

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Is e-learning better than traditional learning?
Votes: 2694

To Each Their Own Genre

Universally enjoyed by all  movies  are a complete entertainment package, guaranteed stressbuster, perfect mood-uplifter, and an excellent conversation-starter in awkward situations. Everyone has a genre of their liking and can spend hours of binge-watching movies and shows of that particular genre. And to understand which genre ranks the highest, we conducted a poll with 8,749 respondents asking them to pick their top three from an exhaustive list. The majority of the respondents (22.43%) opt for some light-hearted Comedy, and some (16.10%) prefer watching the classic Romance. The next favourite genre on the list is nail-bitingly good Horror (13.70%), followed by the mystical world of Fantasy (13.50%) and the incredibly gripping Thriller (12.05%). Next on the favourite genres list is some good-old Drama (10.94%), followed by the uber-cool Sci-fi (7.56%) and lastly some heart-warming Romcom (3.72%).

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Which is your favourite genre? Select top three.
Votes: 8749

The iPhone Tally


With 1,000,000,000 iPhones in the market (yes, you read that right ? 1 billion!), the craze for an iPhone has still not fizzled out. Maybe it is the interface, the advanced technology, or the social status that comes with it, the sales that have been skyrocketing since its launch in 2007. We, too, conducted a quick poll of our own with 2,469 respondents asking them how many iPhones they have bought to date. The data revealed that while 45.47% of the respondents don?t have an iPhone, the others are satisfied iPhone users. 31.01% of the respondents only have one iPhone, and 13.32% have bought only two. 6.76% of the users have more than two iPhones, and 3.44% of the people are die-hard iPhone fans who have not missed buying any model so far. It seems once one gets hooked on to the iPhone, there is no going back!

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How many iphones have you bought till date?
I only have one (31.02%)
I only have two(13.33%)
I have never missed any model so far(3.44%)
I have more than two (6.76%)
I don’t have an iphone(45.48%)
Votes: 2469

Gadgets Galore

With technology at its technological best in the 21st century, there are a gazillion products in the market to ease our lives. They aid in our day-to-day functioning, saving us time and increasing our productivity. Almost everyone owns a gadget these days, especially in urban towns and cities. And to find out which all gadgets people own, we conducted a poll with 2,290 respondents. Number 1 on the list with 18.18% votes is the gadget we cannot (absolutely, 100-percent cannot) live without mobile phones. The second place is held by our mini offices on the move. Laptops (15.99%) followed by Bluetooth Speakers (12.03%), in-house entertainment package Smart TVs (11.94%), and the equally smart Watches (8.68%). Next on the list is a must-have gadget for women Hair Straightener (8.31%), followed by the very responsive and insightful Alexa (6.11%) and Google Home (5.42%). These gadgets are followed by the musical sound bar (5.36%), the intelligent iPad (5.15%), and the uber-cool iPod Touch (2.84%)

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Which of the following gadgets do you own?
ipod Touch(13.67%)
Smart Watch(41.75%)
Google Home(26.07%)
Smart TV(57.42%)
Hair straightener(40.0%)
Bluetooth Speakers(57.86%)
Votes: 2290

Work from Home v/s Work from Office

Once upon a time, work from Home, was a dream. It was something people wanted to incorporate in their lives as it gave them free agency to do the work at their leisure. But the work from home culture that was initiated due to the lockdown soon turned into a nightmare for some. While a few welcomed this new change, some are desperate to return to their old routine and office life. A debate between these two cultures is brewing, and we thought it was the right time to conduct a poll on whether people are ready to go back to their offices daily. Out of the 2,481 respondents, 36.40% of them clearly state they like working from home and thus wouldn't want to go back to the office. The case is not the same for 18.66% of the respondents who are eager to return to their offices and the 26.56% who are already going to their office daily. A set of respondents (18.38%) don't have to fret about this subject much as they are not working.

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Are you ready to back to office daily?
I can’t wait to go back to my office(18.66%)
I like working from home(36.4%)
I’m already going to office daily(26.56%)
I don’t work(18.38%)
Votes: 2481