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Poll Summary

The All-Time Favourite Harry Potter Characters

With the cast of Harry Potter reuniting to celebrate 20 years of the movie franchise, fans all over the world are talking about just this. Be it reading the novels or watching the movies, readers and viewers have got their list of favourite scenes, dialogues, and characters. And why won�t they? The world of Harry Potter is a different fantastical world altogether. And as on ode to this brilliant series, we at Opinion Bureau decided to conduct a poll on the most-liked Harry Potter characters. Out of the 6,435 respondents, 54.95% vote for Harry Potter, the charismatic protagonist, as their favourite character. Following Mr. Potter is Hermione Granger with 16.46% votes, Ron Weasley with 5.92% votes, and the cute and huge Albus Dumbledore with 5.36% votes. Next on the list of most-favourite characters is Lord Voldemort (4.74%), Minerva McGonagall (4.69%), Severus Snape (4.13%), Draco Malfoy (2.30%), and Bellatrix Lestrange (1.45%). So many favourites in a series clearly point to the compelling writing of J.K. Rowling, who has made all her characters so complex yet lovable. 


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Which of these characters do you like the most in the Harry Potter novels/movies?
Harry Potter(54.95%)
Hermione Granger(16.46%)
Ron Weasley(5.92%)
Minerva McGonagall (4.69%)
Albus Dumbledore(5.36%)
Severus Snape(4.13%)
Lord Voldemort(4.74%)
Bellatrix Lestrange(1.45%)
Draco Malfoy(2.3%)
Votes: 6435
United States: 92

Pro Programmers and Their Machines

The most important thing for a professional programmer is getting their professional setup right. Their computer is an alternate universe that they would happily live in. What may seem hi-tech to us is incredibly easy and relaxing for them. And it's amazing to see how life-changing programs take shape from such little laptops. 

We thought we will dig into the finer details of how the programmers make the magic happen by conducting a poll. We asked 723 programmers which laptop they use from a list of options. The most popular of the lot is HP Spectre X360 with 25.17% votes, followed by Apple Macbook Pro (19.92%) and Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Laptop (17.70%). Next on the list are Microsoft Surface Pro 8 (6.92%), Google Pixelbook Go (6.78%), Apple MacBook Air M1 (6.22%), Microsoft Surface Book 2 (6.09%), and MacBook Pro 13-Inch (3.32%). The last ones on the list are Asus Chromebook Flip C436F/C436FA (5.12%) and LG Gram 17 (2.77%).

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Which of these laptops do you use as a programmer?
Apple Macbook Pro(19.92%)
Google Pixelbook Go(6.78%)
HP Spectre x360(25.17%)
Apple MacBook Air M1(6.22%)
Microsoft Surface Book 2(6.09%)
MacBook Pro 13-inch (3.32%)
LG Gram 17(2.77%)
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme laptop(17.7%)
Asus Chromebook Flip C436F/C436FA(5.12%)
Microsoft Surface Pro 8(6.92%)
Votes: 723
United States: 15

Dream Job Expectations

Everyone has an ideal job in mind  what it would be, how it will give them a chance to pursue their passions, how life will automatically smoothen out after it, and so much more. Come to think of it, people's expectations from their dream jobs keep varying, but some things remain constant for all. Like attaining job satisfaction or finding great learning opportunities. Conducting a poll on the same, we asked 8,080 respondents what their expectations from their dream jobs are. For 50.35% of the respondents, it is all about finding the right work-life balance (which we, too, feel is one of the most integral aspects of our life). Next on the list is fair compensation (22.31%) and equality at the workplace (14.39%). And last but definitely not least is receiving recognition in one's job as 12.95% of the respondents think this is equally important.

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What do you expect the most from your dream job?
Work life balance (50.35%)
Fair compensation (22.31%)
Equality (14.39%)
Votes: 8080
United States: 118

Adding Music to Life

One thing that makes everything better in life is music. If you want to pump up your workout, there is music. If you want to uplift your mood, there is music. If you want to add life to a party, there is music. Music always comes to our rescue because a thing of beauty is a joy forever. Listening to music in the 21st century, however, has undergone a tremendous transformation. And so, we thought we'll conduct a quick poll with 6,366 respondents, asking them which app they use for listening to music. 32.75% of the respondents use Spotify, 33.63% prefer YouTube Music, and 9.66 opt for the good-old FM Radio. Next on the popular music list is Amazon Music (6.75%), followed by Google Play (6.24%), Apple Music (2.47%), Music CDs (2.32%), and Pandora (0.57%). 5.61% use Other ways to listen to music.

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Which of the following apps do you use for listening to music?
FM radio(9.66%)
Music CD's(2.32%)
Amazon music(6.75%)
Google play(6.24%)
Apple music(2.47%)
Youtube Music(33.63%)
Votes: 6366
United States: 77

Dividing Music into Decades

Music brings forth positivity and cheer in our lives. And for many, it is usually a certain genre or artist or decade that does the trick. They keep going back to the beats they like to get their day going. To ease the process, they create playlists with their favorite songs or save a playlist from an era they like. So, we thought we would conduct a poll on the decade of music most preferred by people. Out of the 6,477 respondents, the majority (24.70%) prefer the music of the 1990s, 18.99% like the tunes of 2020, and 18.25% favor the 1980s. The 2000s are also quite popular as they secured 17.79% votes. Following next is the 2010s with 12.77% votes, the 1970s with 4.89%, and lastly, the 1960s with 2.61% votes.

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What decade of music do you like the most?
Votes: 6477
United States: 83

Making the Drive to Work Fun!

Driving to work  every day of the year  can become rather tiresome. It is one of the activities one can't run away from. It is straight-up hours of silent driving which usually coincides with the maddening office hour rush. And so, people come up with different ways to entertain themselves in this boring part of their day. Carrying out a poll on this topic, we at Opinion Bureau asked 7,057 respondents what they listen to when driving to work. It came as no surprise when 50.55% of them said they listen to music from their personal device and 29.84% listen to music from a radio station. Some use this time to soak up knowledge by turning to podcasts (8.19%) and audiobooks (4.59%). Interestingly, 5.24% prefer to do nothing; perhaps they like to introspect in this quiet time. And lastly, 1.59% listen to other things to keep themselves entertained while driving to work.

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Driving into work in these mornings, what are you listening to?
Music from a radio station(29.84%)
Music from a personal device(50.55%)
Audio books(4.59%)
Nothing (5.24%)
Votes: 7056
United States: 102

Coffee or Life-Saving Elixir?

For many, coffee is not just about some roasted coffee beans in piping hot water with a dash of milk or cream and sugar. It's a magical concoction that gives them the energy to get going. And for those who believe it, they are quite picky about how they take their cup of coffee. Much to the level of OCD where every ingredient has to be measured precisely and should hit the right temperature. Carrying out a poll on the same, we asked 7,308 respondents how they like their cup of coffee. For 48.49% of the respondents, it's a warm cup of Cappuccino; for 18.04%, it's Latte; and for 6.92%, it's Americano. 6.65% love Iced Coffee, 6.54% prefer a chocolaty Mocha, 4.91% like straight-up Espresso Shots, and 3.85% favor Frappuccino. Lastly, 4.60% drink Other variants of coffee

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How do you like your coffee?
Cappuccino (48.49%)
Espresso shots(4.91%)
Iced Coffee(6.65%)
Votes: 7307
United States: 117

Do Travelling Plans Feature in Your Plans?

The past two years have been a major blow to the travel industry. People travelled extensively for work and leisure, but now, everyone is thinking twice before even stepping out of their house. Gone are the days of carefree and impromptu travelling. Now everyone is looking at the safety precautions before planning their next trip. It seems for things to get back to normal, it will still take time. Carrying out a poll on the same, we asked 12,547 respondents whether they have started travelling again or not. 45.42% reply with a resounding Yes while a sceptical 34.41% haven't started travelling yet. And 20.16% of the respondents say they do travel, but only when it's urgent. Clearly, we are a long way from the way travelling in the times of pre-covid was.

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Have you started travelling again?
Only when it's urgent(20.16%)
Votes: 12549
United States: 123

The Pandemic Business Boom

The pandemic has brought in numerous changes. Many things have come to a halt � from busy social lives to buzzing workplaces. Schools, colleges, conferences, shopping, and whatever we can think of shifted to an online mode. It has completely transformed the way we lived. But it has also given many people time to pause and reflect. This �me time� gave people a chance to do things they were always passionate about. 

Data shows many new businesses started during these times and we thought this would be a great topic to conduct our latest poll on. So, we asked 12,912 respondents whether they have started a new venture or not. 34.43% of the respondents revealed they started an enterprise in the pandemic, while 25.84% say they are seriously thinking about it. Together, the number of people who initiated something new or are thinking about it is incredibly high and particularly inspiring. On the other hand, only 39.72% replied in the negative.

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Have you started your own business during pandemic?
I'm thinking about it(25.84%)
Votes: 12913
United States: 142