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Poll Summary

Do Ghosts Exist?

You'd have to agree with us when we say that one of the spookiest questions that exist is whether ghosts are real or not. Till the point they are behind the silver screen in horror movies, all's well. But the moment we hear a real-life tale, we are scared. While a daring few would shun this talk without giving it a second thought, some would weep with trepidation. And so, we thought this topic deserved an opinion poll. And with Halloween around the corner, this was the perfect chance to conduct the eeriest poll possible. The question was simple  do you believe in ghosts ? to which the 12,209 respondents had varied responses. 43.88% of the respondents replied with a definite Yes and 35.39% with a firm (and frankly quite brave) No. Another significant group of respondents consisting of 20.73% people responded with an inconclusive Sometimes.

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Do you believe in ghosts?
Votes: 12210
United States: 159

The Folding Pizza Phenomenon


Pizza, Italian by origin, is no longer just a delicacy for the Italians. Be it any corner of the world, we can now easily find a pizza on the menu of every other restaurant. It might not be anywhere close to the original version as each country, in fact, each state has added its own flavours to it. From the wide variety of bases available to the cheese and toppings that go on top of it, everything has its own unique (and localised) taste. The only thing that would not have changed about a pizza would be the fact that no one can stop at just one slice. You have got to have another piece if you have tasted one. And interestingly, depending on the style of the pizza base, people eat it differently. While some might prefer a fork and knife, some dig in, right with their hands. Some people also fold their pizza slices before eating, and we wanted to know for how many people this holds true. So, we conducted a poll with 12,253 respondents, wherein 50.77% outrightly deniedfolding their pizza slice. 32.02% of the respondents, however, reveal that they do fold their slices before eating. And 17.20% of them state that they only do so sometimes.

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Do you fold your pizza slice before eating?
Votes: 12253
United States: 175

The Social Media Life


When you pick up a smartphone, it would be impossible for you to find one without a social media app installed on it. Frankly, for many, life seems impossible without social media now. People are so hooked to it that everything revolves around it. And as per everyone's liking and requirement, they download the apps that suit them best. Some are a necessity, some for entertainment, while some are just apps that are trending. Conducting a poll on the same, we questioned 12,888 respondents to gauge the usage of these platforms. 48.21% of the respondents vote for WhatsApp, followed by 21.90% voting for Instagram and 21.74% for Facebook. After this lot, Twitter (3.16%), LinkedIn (1.51%), Snapchat (1.11%), Skype (0.36%), and We-Chat (0.26%) feature on the popular app list. 1.76% of the respondents also voted for some Other apps not mentioned on our list.

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Which Social media platform suits you best?
Votes: 12889
United States: 150

What's Your Game?

Sports is probably one of the things that teach us more lessons in life than books could. It teaches us life lessons that one can't find in the most philosophical of the texts. And to top it all, it does so in the most fun and entertaining way. Everyone has a preference for a sport they like to play, and we conducted a poll on the same. We asked 11,757 respondents which sports they like to play the most, and 34.08% of them favor Football and 15.89% prefer Cricket. 5.28% like to play Badminton, 4.92% vote for Weightlifting, and 4.73% choose Tennis. 3.28% opt for Boxing, 1.61% like Hockey, and 0.95% would go for Golfing any day. 29.25% of the respondents selected ?Others? that were not mentioned on our list. It is quite nice to see that everyone has a sport sorted out for themselves!

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What of these sports do you play?
Weightlifting (4.92%)
Votes: 11758
United States: 125

What Are Great Leaders Made Of?

John Maxwell said, ?Leaders become great not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.? There are many parts a leader has to play, and one such part is to understand what their teams need. Conducting a poll on the same, we asked 12,105 respondents about the best skill they think a leader possesses. 41.07% of the respondents are of the opinion that the greatest skill of a leader is their employee management skills. 32.97% feel a good leader has excellent information management abilities, and 10.71% believe they have exceptional client management competence. 7.27% also state that superior cash management is the attribute that sets a leader apart from others. Lastly, 7.97% cite other reasons. All in all, one thing common amongst all the answers is the affirmation that a leader must possess some specific skills that make them worthy of being a leader.

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Which of the following do you think is the best skill in a Leader?
Information management(32.98%)
Employee management(41.07%)
Client management(10.71%)
Cash management(7.27%)
Votes: 12106
United States: 104

Superpower Up for Grabs 


Superheroes and their superpowers fascinate one and all. People always dream about having a superpower and the reasons are quite obvious. Firstly, because it's super fun, and secondly, because superpowers are amazingly empowering. Imagine the possibilities it unfolds for someone who can possess such powers! And since everyone wishes to be endowed with such superpowers, we thought we'll conduct a poll on this topic. We asked 12,090 respondents that if they are given a chance, which superpower they would pick for themselves. The most-coveted superpower with 30.07% votes is the ability to read people's minds, followed by 27.58% voting for the power to be invisible whenever and wherever they want. Next on the list is wishing for superhuman strength (12.23%), the ability to fly (11.46%), and gift to talk to animals (10.51%). 8.15% of the respondents also wish for super-fast speed as their superpower. It seems everyone has something they want to make their lives more exciting. 

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If you could have one of these superpowers, which one would you choose?
Be invisible whenever you want(27.57%)
Superhuman Strength(12.24%)
Talk to animals(10.51%)
Read minds(30.06%)
Be able to fly(11.46%)
Superfast speed(8.15%)
Votes: 12090
United States: 108

The Nation's Vaccination Status

While 2020 was mostly embroiled in dealing with Covid-19, 2021 brought with it the much-needed vaccination drives. The only salvation for the chaos created by Covid-19 was in the vaccines developed to prevent its spread. And even though many people quickly got their shots, many were skeptical towards it. Even the brand of the vaccination became a topic to be researched, discussed, and debated. It was only after seeing these deliberations and promotions done by the Indian government and celebrities that people started getting vaccinated. To get a clearer insight into this, we asked 12,302 respondents whether they had got their vaccination done or not. 45.26% of them have got their first dose, and 21.83% have got both their doses. 27.57% of the respondents say they have not got their vaccination shots yet but will get them soon, and 5.33% don't believe in the vaccine created to prevent Covid-19. More or less, it seems most of the people have gotten or will soon get their vaccination shots.

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Have you got your vaccination done?
Yes. Got my first dose(45.27%)
Yes. Got both doses(21.83%)
I don't believe in vaccines(5.33%)
Not yet. I'll get one soon(27.57%)
Votes: 12303
United States: 108

High-Rise v/s Low-Rise Buildings

Modern cities are abounded with impressive lofty buildings, no wonder gaining the title of being concrete jungles. A single building can be home to hundreds and an office to thousands. While some like them, some don't, and some just love to hate them. Every individual has their preference; some like the simplicity of low-rise buildings and some are enamored by the grandeur of the high-rise buildings. And their reasons are all varied from aesthetic to functional to environmental. But whatever be the case, they both have their charm. So, we thought we'll conduct a poll to see which of the two building types is favored more by people. Out of the 12,257 respondents, 51.17% like high-rise buildings and 41.74% like low-rise buildings. 7.09% of the respondents, however, don't know which building they prefer.

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Do you like high-rise or low-rise buildings?
Low rises(41.74%)
High rises(51.17%)
I don’t know(7.09%)
Votes: 12257
United States: 111

Yellow Sands or Lush-Green Lands?

Everyone has their idea of a perfect getaway. They dream of relaxing in their favourite surroundings, enjoying the weather, and having the time of their life. For some, this destination can be a desert and for some, vast lands covered in greens. While the former would pick a wild desert safari under the blazing sun, the latter would like to rejuvenate with the soothing atmosphere of nature. To get a clearer picture as to which backdrop people would prefer more, we conducted a poll on the same. Out of the 12,432 respondents, 90.73%  which constitutes almost everybody  prefer green surroundings around them. Only 6.81% of the respondents opt for the endless expanse of deserts as their preferred surrounding. 2.46%, however, don't know which landscape they favour.

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Do you prefer desert or green surroundings?
I don’t know(2.46%)
Votes: 12431
United States: 116