Poll Summary


Polls Summary

What do you believe is most likely to happen this year?
More EV charging stations(48.01%)
Fewer college ranking systems(23.35%)
More space tourism exploration(28.64%)
Votes: 9817
United States: 142 Closed on: 23-Jan-2023

What is going to happen in 2023? 


New Year, new resolutions, and new predictions, 2023 arrived with all of this. With technological advances and adaptive changes in our day-to-day lives, we can predict what the future may look like. Hence, we conducted a poll on a few predictions and derived what most people think will happen this year. While doing so, we found out that since more people are likely to shift to electric vehicles, there would be a growth in the number of charging stations, at least 48.01% of people believe so. 28.64% voted that they expect more space tourism exploration this year while 23.35% of people predicted there would be fewer college ranking systems.

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