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Have you started your own business during pandemic?
I'm thinking about it(25.84%)
Votes: 12913
United States: 142 Closed on: 01-Nov-2021

The Pandemic Business Boom

The pandemic has brought in numerous changes. Many things have come to a halt � from busy social lives to buzzing workplaces. Schools, colleges, conferences, shopping, and whatever we can think of shifted to an online mode. It has completely transformed the way we lived. But it has also given many people time to pause and reflect. This �me time� gave people a chance to do things they were always passionate about. 

Data shows many new businesses started during these times and we thought this would be a great topic to conduct our latest poll on. So, we asked 12,912 respondents whether they have started a new venture or not. 34.43% of the respondents revealed they started an enterprise in the pandemic, while 25.84% say they are seriously thinking about it. Together, the number of people who initiated something new or are thinking about it is incredibly high and particularly inspiring. On the other hand, only 39.72% replied in the negative.