Poll Summary


Polls Summary

What's on top of your career resolution list this year?
Looking for a new job(35.01%)
Developing new skills(46.93%)
Getting a promotion(12.52%)
Networking/Attending events(5.54%)
Votes: 4841
United States: 83 Closed on: 15-Feb-2023

Career Resolutions for 2023

With all the resolutions that we must have planned for this year, we are sure that some of them are work related. The increasing urbanisation in the world with a surge in the opportunities, there has been a plethora of career options today, as compared to the situation half a century ago. Today, people are more aware of the things that are important for their career. Prioritising work life balance and practicing decent work ethics is what the generation of today is aiming at.  Thinking the same, we conducted a poll on the various career resolutions for this year and found out that 35.01% of people are looking for a job change and 46.92% of people would like to develop a new skill. 12.53% of people are heading towards getting a promotion while 5.54% of people have decided to attend networking events.

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