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Hyundai chief said that flying cars will be a reality by 2030. Do you agree?
Couldn't Say(16.0%)
Votes: 12687
United States: 108 Closed on: 25-Jul-2021

Flying Cars: Fact or Fiction?

One of the things we get to see in every futuristic movie is flying cars. All the age-old problems might exist, but cars look and move at a whole different level. Which to us, in the present, seems highly improbable to see the light of the day. Hyundai's Chief, Michael Cole, however, posits a different stance. Cole is quite confident that flying cars will be a reality by the end of 2030. Yes, just in a decade! This was an interesting piece of news, and we thought we will carry out a poll on the same. We asked a total of 12,687 respondents whether they agree with Cole's statement or not. To which 57.26% chimed a definitive yes. 26.74% don't feel that they'll witness flying cars anytime soon, while 16% of them can't say much on the subject. Look like we just have to wait eight years, four months, eleven days. But, hey, who's counting?