Poll Summary


Polls Summary

Are you planning to use ChatGPT in your work this year?
No, I'm not(17.03%)
Yes, it's handy(41.71%)
I don't know what that is(15.08%)
Votes: 4164
United States: 92 Closed on: 30-Jan-2023

How popular is ChatGPT ? 


Chat GPT, the recent AI tool has become the talk of the town lately. The software is free to access and open to feedback for now, due to which a lot of people got to use and understand its basic functions. We conducted a poll to determine if people are planning to use ChatGPT in their work this year. 41.71% of voters said it�s handy and they would use the AI tool while 17.03% said they would not use it. 26.18% of users were not sure whether they might use it or not while 15.08% of users said they don�t know what  ChatGPT is.

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