Poll Summary


Polls Summary

Have you ever been cheated on by your partner/spouse/ex?
I may have been(6.93%)
I don't know(5.54%)
Votes: 6498
United States: 107 Closed on: 14-Dec-2022

Has your partner cheated on you?


Processing and dealing with infidelity in a relationship sucks, and no matter how hard you try, it gets difficult to face the fact that you are being betrayed in the name of love. Maybe your partner can explain their reasons, but no reason is justified to cheat on anybody. But surprisingly, 51.05 % of the people accepted being cheated on by their partners when we conducted the poll. 6.93% of the people think that they may have been cheated whereas 5.51% of the people don�t know if they have been cheated or not. 36.51% of the voters, being the lucky ones said that they have never been cheated.

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