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Polls Summary

Should Elon Musk resign from Twitter?
I don't know(14.82%)
Votes: 10291
United States: 161 Closed on: 05-Jan-2023

Twitter with or without Elon Musk ?

Elon Musk and Tesla is a match made in heaven, but the same can�t be said for the new birdie. A lot of tweets and tweaks, Elon Musk has created a havoc by purchasing Twitter and making every possible decision that he should or shouldn�t for the platform. While he remained the CEO for a really short span of time, the amount of opinions his act seeked was no joke. People have divided school of thoughts but the majority of them are not liking his stint at Twitter. A lot of them are also demanding him to resign while the other side of the world is of a different opinion. All in all, Musk has made the battle of Twitter as controversial as the platform is known for.

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