Poll Summary


Polls Summary

Which of the following brands do you shop the most from?
Forever 21(6.23%)
Pretty Little Thing(1.58%)
Votes: 8038
United States: 116 Closed on: 12-Dec-2022

The Go-To brands for your much awaited shopping experience

Shopping is no less than therapy. For most of us, it brings great joy to go out and shop your heart out. 
Also, with everything readily accessible to us, it�s a matter of just a few clicks and our orders get shipped in no time. However, with the availability of so many brands at our doorstep, we all have a place to go to, where we feel we belong. And we conducted a poll to get an idea of the brands that most of you prefer shopping from. One of the most popular fast fashion outlets that remains the people�s favourite is Zara with 29.76% followed by H&M that bagged 21.35% votes. The other brand that has gained popularity in no time is UNIQLO. With great options under the budget, the brand has found its place. Mango, GAP, and Forever 21 are the go to brands for some of us. Some new brands like Topshop, Espirit, and Pretty Little Thing have also entered the scenario. The poll gave a deep insight on the plethora of fashion brands in the market, each of which have garnered much praise and acknowledgements.

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