Poll Summary


Polls Summary

Do you feel you are financially better or worse off now than you were a year ago?
Better off(50.09%)
Worse off(31.95%)
No Idea(17.96%)
Votes: 10120
United States: 127 Closed on: 01-Mar-2023

Are you closer to your financial goals ?

Work, hustle, and go all out! These are the words that we hear more often than anything. For some, it gives them motivation to work harder and achieve their goals, one of which is pretty common - financial freedom. We all are seeking financial freedom to discard every possible hurdle between us and our dreams. Be it a luxury vacation or home, we all have a plan and slowly and steadily, we want to come closer to achieve the same. However, situations can occur and the uncertainty of life never fails to surprise us. When we reached out to the masses to know if they are financially better now than they were a year before, we found that 50.09% of people are at a better financial position. While 17.96 % did not know where they stand and have no idea if they are closer to their goals, 31.95% feel that they are worse off than their previous year.

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