Poll Summary


Polls Summary

Which of the following is your favourite ice-cream flavour?
Mint chocolate chip(8.62%)
Butter pecan(3.4%)
Chocolate chip cookie dough(6.68%)
Cookies n' cream(8.12%)
Rocky road(0.94%)
Votes: 12419
United States: 95 Closed on: 13-Jun-2022

The Coolest Poll Ever!

For our latest poll, we wanted to come up with a topic loved by all. And so, we thought what�s better than ice-creams. A sure-shot mood uplifter and a happy indulgence, ice-creams are a blessing for us humans. What�s absolutely amazing is the fact that ice-creams come in a wide variety of flavours for everyone to enjoy. Conducting a poll on ice-creams flavours, we asked 12,420 respondents which one is their favourite. It was no surprise when the majority (31.63%) voted for the rich and delectable Chocolate. 29.67% prefer the classic Vanilla, 10.94% would rather go for the sweet and tangy Strawberry, 8.62% like to keep it cool with Mint Chocolate Chip, 8.12% love the texture of Cookies N' Cream, and 6.68% like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. 3.40% are fans of the creamy Butter Pecan and 0.94% prefer Rocky Road over anything else.