Polls Summary

Have you got your vaccination done?
Yes. Got my first dose(45.27%)
Yes. Got both doses(21.83%)
I don't believe in vaccines(5.33%)
Not yet. I'll get one soon(27.57%)
Votes: 12303
United States: 108 Closed on: 30-Aug-2021

The Nation's Vaccination Status

While 2020 was mostly embroiled in dealing with Covid-19, 2021 brought with it the much-needed vaccination drives. The only salvation for the chaos created by Covid-19 was in the vaccines developed to prevent its spread. And even though many people quickly got their shots, many were skeptical towards it. Even the brand of the vaccination became a topic to be researched, discussed, and debated. It was only after seeing these deliberations and promotions done by the Indian government and celebrities that people started getting vaccinated. To get a clearer insight into this, we asked 12,302 respondents whether they had got their vaccination done or not. 45.26% of them have got their first dose, and 21.83% have got both their doses. 27.57% of the respondents say they have not got their vaccination shots yet but will get them soon, and 5.33% don't believe in the vaccine created to prevent Covid-19. More or less, it seems most of the people have gotten or will soon get their vaccination shots.