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How many languages do you speak?
More than 6 (3.65%)
Votes: 12097
United States: 127 Closed on: 04-Jul-2022

The Language Tally

Research shows people who know two or more than two languages have more grey matter in parts of their brain, meaning better cognitive functioning. Multilingualism has a positive impact on intellectual growth and increases a person's sensibilities and receptivity towards people and their cultures. Living in a modern and interconnected world, being a polyglot also means getting better job opportunities, a chance to expand businesses for entrepreneurs, and a more evolved travelling experience. So, to see how many people know more than one language, we conducted a poll with 12,098 respondents. 14.80% speak only one language, 25.36% are fluent in two languages, and 28.71% know three languages. The poll also revealed that 16.69% of the respondents are comfortable with four languages, 7.51% speak five languages, and 3.28% are familiar with six languages. Interestingly, 3.65% of the respondents speak more than six languages.