Poll Summary


Polls Summary

Would you consider having more than one full-time job?
No way(31.27%)
Yes, I'll risk it(41.4%)
Only if I have to(27.33%)
Votes: 10774
United States: 144 Closed on: 01-Mar-2023

Moon lighting - What people have to say about it ?

Moon lighting has always been a controversial topic in the industry. While the employers oppose the practice, for employees it is a great opportunity to develop a second income stream, and there is no denying that everybody is looking forward to having the same. With the rising urbanization and a surge in inflation, it gets hard to be dependent on a single stream of income and hence people are opting out of choice for moon lighting. To each its own, but 41.39% of people are ready to take the chance and risk. While 31.27 % of people denied moon lighting, 27.34% of people are willing to consider a second job if they have to.

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