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Do you multitask while attending meetings online?
Votes: 8692
United States: 97 Closed on: 23-Mar-2022

Multitasking and Online Meetings

Online meetings are great. The employees love it, but the employers can't help but wonder whether everyone is attentive during online meetings or not. They wonder if someone has put the meeting on hold to surf the net, do some online shopping, or even chop up vegetables for dinner. It's like the phrase  when the cat is away, the mice will play. But sometimes, the reality is simply that people feel they can save time by multitasking while attending online meetings. We thought this topic could be fun and insightful for our next poll. So, we polled with 8,691 respondents, and responses were something we expected. 46.84% straight-up agree on multitasking, and 21.85% deny doing any such thing. 31.31% of the respondents are sitting on the fence as they say they do finish up other work while attending a meeting sometimes.