Poll Summary


Polls Summary

How has networking helped you in your professional life?
Exposure to new experiences(26.76%)
Referral for a job(13.43%)
Exchange of ideas(14.09%)
All of the above(39.03%)
None of the above(6.68%)
Votes: 10504
United States: 101 Closed on: 02-Aug-2022

Does Networking Work?


Many believe in the philosophy of 'your network is your net worth.' So, what is networking? In the words of Michele Jennae, networking is not about just connecting people. It�s about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities. We thought this could be an interesting topic to conduct our latest poll on. So, we asked 10,504 respondents whether networking has helped them in their professional lives or not. For 26.76%, networking leads to exposure to new experiences, 14.09% benefit from the exchange of ideas, and 13.43% use it for giving a referral for a job. And for 39.03% of the people, it has been a mixture of all three. But for 6.68% of the respondents, networking has not been helpful in either of the above three departments.

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