Poll Summary


Polls Summary

What's your take on New Year's Resolutions?
They never work(23.89%)
I'm very much for them!(50.33%)
I never bothered to try it(25.78%)
Votes: 7858
United States: 119 Closed on: 18-Jan-2023

New Year Resolutions! Are they for real?

Resolutions have always been a topic of discussion. Here comes December and people start summarising their year and planning resolutions for the next. But over the time period, some people (23.89%) have realised that resolutions are often over rated and they never work. With so much of awareness and knowledge over consistency and discipline, people are getting over the idea to start afresh on the 1st of every year and are more focused on being regular with their habits. Hence, 25.78% are never bothered to try the same. However, the change is not for everyone and 50.33% are still very much up for the resolutions.

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