Poll Summary


Polls Summary

Will online learning replace face to face learning anytime soon?
Can't say(3.75%)
Votes: 5649
United States: 124 Closed on: 19-May-2021

From Face-to-Face Learning to e-Learning Interfaces

Learning, especially in India, has always been visualized as wisdom being imparted by gurus or teachers to students in an environment conducive to learning. It has an aura of purity that makes learning a sacred ritual. With time, tremendous changes have been introduced to this system, but learning more or less, was the same being conducted by teachers in a classroom that lends a personal touch to the entire experience. The onset of the pandemic, however, has altered the traditional way of life. Face-to-face learning now means sitting face-to-face on a Wi-Fi-enabled device to attend a particular class. Our latest poll tried to tackle this issue by garnering responses from 5,649 respondents. On being asked whether they think online learning will replace face-to-face learning anytime soon, 42.20% of the respondents reply with a definite: Yes. 30.04% are not sure and respond with an ambivalent: Maybe, while 24% are confident that this change will not materialise. 3.75% cannot say which way the wind will blow and perhaps will wait to see how things pan out in the near future.