Poll Summary


Polls Summary

What is the best remedy for you when you're feeling overwhelmed and stressed?
Mindfulness break(27.51%)
Finding a positive focus(31.29%)
Exercise or a walk(38.1%)
I never feel stressed!(3.1%)
Votes: 9459
United States: 140 Closed on: 05-Nov-2022

The Best Destress Remedy

Living the modern life in the midst of a bustling city is not easy. It comes with its fair share of struggles. And with struggles comes stress. People tend to feel overwhelmed and stressed while trying to give their best in life. The victory lies in how they manage to deal with such situations. Conducting a poll on the same, we asked 9,459 respondents which remedy works best for them. 38.10% destress by working out or going for a walk. 31.29% try and find a positive focus, while 27.51% take a mindful break. 3.10% of the respondents, however, are an extremely positive lot as they say they never feel stressed!

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