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Do you fold your pizza slice before eating?
Votes: 12253
United States: 175 Closed on: 11-Oct-2021

The Folding Pizza Phenomenon


Pizza, Italian by origin, is no longer just a delicacy for the Italians. Be it any corner of the world, we can now easily find a pizza on the menu of every other restaurant. It might not be anywhere close to the original version as each country, in fact, each state has added its own flavours to it. From the wide variety of bases available to the cheese and toppings that go on top of it, everything has its own unique (and localised) taste. The only thing that would not have changed about a pizza would be the fact that no one can stop at just one slice. You have got to have another piece if you have tasted one. And interestingly, depending on the style of the pizza base, people eat it differently. While some might prefer a fork and knife, some dig in, right with their hands. Some people also fold their pizza slices before eating, and we wanted to know for how many people this holds true. So, we conducted a poll with 12,253 respondents, wherein 50.77% outrightly deniedfolding their pizza slice. 32.02% of the respondents, however, reveal that they do fold their slices before eating. And 17.20% of them state that they only do so sometimes.