Poll Summary


Polls Summary

What's the issue you face while performing your work ?
Lack of Clarity on task(33.64%)
Delay in data from other Depts(28.86%)
Software glitch(23.77%)
Extra work unrelated to KRA(13.73%)
Votes: 10006
United States: 96 Closed on: 17-Aug-2022

Work Efficiency: Impacted by Internal or External Factors?

Work is life; the reason why everyone wants to give their best to their job. Sometimes, however, there are obstacles for people to do so. While we can point fingers at a person for not performing well, the fault could very well lie on external factors not in their control. And we, at Opinion Bureau, wanted to get to the root of this problem. So, we conducted a poll with 10,006 respondents and asked them the issue they usually face while performing their work. 33.64% attribute it to a lack of clarity on the task at hand and 28.86% say more often than not they face a delay in the data received from other departments. 23.77% of the respondents say a software glitch becomes a hindrance and 13.73% feel burdened with extra work that isn't related to their Key Responsibility Area.

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