Poll Summary


Polls Summary

Which of the following do you have as a pet?
Tarantula (0.33%)
Other (14.86%)
Votes: 8185
United States: 93 Closed on: 12-May-2022

A Pet's A Pet!


A pet is a comforting companion. Their innocence often gets to us humans, helping us lower our anxiety and stress levels. Research also reveals how having a pet can reduce our chances of depression. A perfect antidote for loneliness, pets never make us feel alone with their unconditional love. Some people, however, have very unusual animals for pets. Conducting a poll on the same with 8,185 respondents, we tried to figure out which animals are the most common pets. While 56.82% of the respondents say they have dogs, 18.20% reveal they have cats, and 6.85% have birds. And from here on, things get weird (at least for us). 1.26% of the respondents say they have a python for a pet, 0.87% have iguanas, and 0.81% have snakes. To top it all, 0.33% of the people have a tarantula for a pet! (A spider!) Well, to each his own pet. Lastly, 14.86% of the respondents state they have some other animals as a pet.