Poll Summary


Polls Summary

How many shoes do you own?
1-3 pairs(28.64%)
4-7 pairs(35.36%)
8-10 pairs(16.35%)
More than 10 pairs(19.64%)
Votes: 9733
United States: 112 Closed on: 14-Sep-2022

Got Many Shoes to Fill?


The love for shoes is really a thing. People love collecting shoes, almost as if there is one for every outfit. There is something about them that just completes an outfit. This is the reason why it's got more to do with style than function these days. We thought this could be a shoe-tastic topic to conduct a poll on, so we asked 9,733 respondents how many shoes are part of their collection. The majority (35.36%) have somewhere between four to seven shoes, while 28.64% own 1 to 3 pairs only. 16.35% have just 8 to 10 shoes but what's interesting is that 19.64% have more than ten pairs. These numbers indicate how much people love their shoes. We guess one can never own too many of them!

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