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Have you started travelling again?
Only when it's urgent(20.16%)
Votes: 12549
United States: 123 Closed on: 01-Nov-2021

Do Travelling Plans Feature in Your Plans?

The past two years have been a major blow to the travel industry. People travelled extensively for work and leisure, but now, everyone is thinking twice before even stepping out of their house. Gone are the days of carefree and impromptu travelling. Now everyone is looking at the safety precautions before planning their next trip. It seems for things to get back to normal, it will still take time. Carrying out a poll on the same, we asked 12,547 respondents whether they have started travelling again or not. 45.42% reply with a resounding Yes while a sceptical 34.41% haven't started travelling yet. And 20.16% of the respondents say they do travel, but only when it's urgent. Clearly, we are a long way from the way travelling in the times of pre-covid was.