Poll Summary


Polls Summary

Which is your favourite Wonder Woman movie of all time?
Wonder Woman (1974 film)(11.94%)
Wonder Woman (2009 film)(24.51%)
Wonder Woman (2017 film)(50.55%)
Wonder Woman 1984(13.01%)
Votes: 7880
United States: 103 Closed on: 31-Oct-2022

The Wonderful Wonder Woman

A superhero film from the house of DC Comics, Wonder Woman is a wonderfully strong and endearing character. Created by the American psychologist and writer William Moulton Marston and artist Harry G. Peter, Wonder Woman was their attempt at creating an archetype of a new type of woman who should rule the world. She has been an inspiration for many; the reason why all the Wonder Woman movies have been exceedingly successful. But everyone has their favourite version of the movie, for which we conducted a poll. Out of 7,880 respondents, the majority (50.55%) love the 2017 film the most. Next on the favourites list is the 2009 version (with 24.51% votes), followed by the 1984 film (with 13.01%) and the 1974 version (with 11.94% votes).

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