Poll Summary


Polls Summary

Do you prefer desert or green surroundings?
I don’t know(2.46%)
Votes: 12431
United States: 116 Closed on: 23-Aug-2021

Yellow Sands or Lush-Green Lands?

Everyone has their idea of a perfect getaway. They dream of relaxing in their favourite surroundings, enjoying the weather, and having the time of their life. For some, this destination can be a desert and for some, vast lands covered in greens. While the former would pick a wild desert safari under the blazing sun, the latter would like to rejuvenate with the soothing atmosphere of nature. To get a clearer picture as to which backdrop people would prefer more, we conducted a poll on the same. Out of the 12,432 respondents, 90.73%  which constitutes almost everybody  prefer green surroundings around them. Only 6.81% of the respondents opt for the endless expanse of deserts as their preferred surrounding. 2.46%, however, don't know which landscape they favour.