Polls Summary

Which of the following gadgets do you own?
ipod Touch(13.67%)
Smart Watch(41.75%)
Google Home(26.07%)
Smart TV(57.42%)
Hair straightener(40.0%)
Bluetooth Speakers(57.86%)
Votes: 2290 Closed on: 11-Mar-2021

Gadgets Galore

With technology at its technological best in the 21st century, there are a gazillion products in the market to ease our lives. They aid in our day-to-day functioning, saving us time and increasing our productivity. Almost everyone owns a gadget these days, especially in urban towns and cities. And to find out which all gadgets people own, we conducted a poll with 2,290 respondents. Number 1 on the list with 18.18% votes is the gadget we cannot (absolutely, 100-percent cannot) live without mobile phones. The second place is held by our mini offices on the move. Laptops (15.99%) followed by Bluetooth Speakers (12.03%), in-house entertainment package Smart TVs (11.94%), and the equally smart Watches (8.68%). Next on the list is a must-have gadget for women Hair Straightener (8.31%), followed by the very responsive and insightful Alexa (6.11%) and Google Home (5.42%). These gadgets are followed by the musical sound bar (5.36%), the intelligent iPad (5.15%), and the uber-cool iPod Touch (2.84%)